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  2. hmmm, not quite complimenting for a s14. sorry mate, but its personal choice
  3. Stereotypical driver busted for speeding...

    i was about to say the same thing! but still... what an idiot not really, most parts of welly road is straight and down hill! very easy to get up speed. also he would have been in excess of 130km/h to 140km/h. may have been a gtr and not a gtst as someone said as they are cheap as now and plenty around. so what if its over the power to wieght ratio. majority of members here own cars that are over the power to weight ratio. and many of us have disable the speed restrictor/limiter. the cops were too linient, they should have impounded the car for at least 3 monts (extenuating circumstances are present to bypass the initial 48hr impound period). then they should take him to court and make him have a massive fine (about 5k) as well as court costs and impound and towing fees. then they should take away his priviledge to drive for at least 12 months and also give him about 12 months of a community based order at may be the alfred hospital trauma ward to see first hand the damage road accident have to the human body and the emmotional trauma that follows. angelo
  4. In Need Of A 180sx Head Light

    +1 for holfords. they might just have the loom and plugs that you need instead of the whole unit
  5. good mechanix in melbourne

    GSB Automotive in glen waverly is good too - for all types of cars.
  6. who's going....

    for sure! to bulla. cos its cheap for me (monash uni has a chalet for staff and students) costs about $120 (from memory) for the week and you get discounted rental and discounted passes for the lifts!
  7. S.A Events Page

    S.A time attack at the bend. 29/4/18
  8. I am looking for a way to get off data from my Android phone as well as Android tablet on my car. Any recommended way to do that?
  9. so as i need a whole new lockset all around in the car which includes the doors and ignition, i was wanting to get a new set, but as Nissan decided they want to discontinue the item just when i bought it through a local nissan shop, i am unable to get it anymore, so i was wondering if purchase the type x version that it would still work. i know there are small things like the loom is slightly different but overall there is not much difference and would be able to install. Thanks
  10. Hi All, I'm posting my DR30 up for sale. It's a shame, I've had it four years but Im not using it as much as i'd like so it's better to let it go to someone who'll get some use out of it. Details below 983 DR30 2 door Skyline RS-X FJ20ET Recaro seats (driver and passenger). They are the 80's recliner seats with the net headrest All original interior except for the front seats and the stereo Power windows, cruise control etc. Modifications Now, I must point out these were essential mods as I couldn't get replacement parts EM-80 ECU (original one had a wiring issue) EFI Fuel Rail (required due to the ecu change) 880cc injectors (as above) 15inch watanabe's Steering box was replaced with a rack and pinion from a r31. The cross member was modified to keep the geometry as close to original as possible Fuel tank was replaced with an r31 tank & r31 fuel pump & sensors Custom 3inch turbo back exhaust and new cat by High Performance Exhausts in Sydney S13 MCA Red coilovers to replace the original tired coilovers. Original balanced maintained with a specially designed spacer Jenesis dash A31 Cefiro brakes and hubs Paint in great condition, it did get a respray what looks like 10 years ago so the stickers were replaced and the original colour was white which you can see under the carpet. The paint is not perfect, but considering the age of the car, im stoked with it. Power - It's about 180kw at the moment The bad - Rear back window switch has broken. Very common as the plastic gets really brittle over time - There are a few marks in the paint that need touching up. I am looking at this now and prefer to get it fixed before i sell it - The air cond is not as good as it could be, but i guess for a 35 year old car, you'd expect that Currently under historic registration so that will need to be transferred by joining a club etc Asking $19,000 ono. If you're in the market for one of these, feel free to come and check it out. Located in Malvern Liz 0414508002
  11. 94 180sx Fast Reliable Club Trackday Car - VIC FOR SALE Love this thing, but I've lost interest Would suit someone wanting to get into club level motorsport and learn about driving on a track, without putting your expensive GTR/Euro/whatever in harms way. It is one of those cars that literally has too much to list, but I’ll give it a go. Rego has lapsed and it was last registered in NSW 6 months ago 1994 RPS13 1195kgs with 1/2 a tank S14 Motor S14 gearbox Makes 290rwkw on 18psi, pump 98. 270 16psi / 230ish 12psi Dyno sheets available Tuned by DVS Jez Power FC Z32 afm Alpha Omega/ Unigroup cams Stock bottom end, with VCT still active GTX3071 (0.63) on a 6Boost manifold, Tial 44mm ext gate (plumb back or screamer) Lots of custom intake and exhaust pipe work Freedy intake plenum. Profec II boost controller Ducted Oil Cooler / remote oil filter / oil temp gauge. Power Steering Cooler Greddy extended sump Drivetrain: Nismo coppermix clutch S14 box, freshened up by Award KAAZ 1.5 way Mech centre 4.11 R200 (with 3.9 ring and pinion incl) 5 Stud conv. Brakes: R33 Brembos front, 2 piece rotors Winmax pads R33 gtst Rears, Winmax pads BM57 upgraded master cyl Suspension: Tein monoflex coil overs Various adjustable arms throughout Whiteline swaybars fnt&rear Worn bushes replaced Corner weighted for me @ Road2Race Body : Not a show car, but presents reasonably with no rust or damage. Nice and straight. OEM Type X front bar AND lip Glass 2 piece sideskirts. Interior: Good cond dash 4 point weld in cage Velo fixed back seat / Sparco harness RPM wheel Stripped of all carpet, rear seats etc etc PowerFC controller Oil temp gauge Wheels: Road : Nismo (RAYS) LMGT2 17x8 / 17x9 Federal RSR tyres Track: Grams Lights 57F 17x8.5 +22 (old tyres are on them that need to be removed) So I’m selling with both sets of wheels The car is garaged, and basically sits on a trickle charger 360 days a year. It is serviced as a track car would be, very frequent oil and filters, incl gearbox and diff. PLEASE don’t text me / call me and ask what the lowest price is. I will just tell you more than the price below. Price : $15,000 ono Call Liz 0414508002 Car located in Malvern Here are some photos with the old front bar (need to track down some more photos of a more recent shot!)
  12. S13 / Skyline Engine, Parts, Shells & Bonnets For Sale

    Gold Coast
  13. Cams will only push the power further up the rpm. I would be checking that the z32 afm is genuine. Guessing it has a nistune? If so look at installing a hpx afm.
  14. S13 / Skyline Engine, Parts, Shells & Bonnets For Sale

  15. should be a fun little streeter mate
  16. S2/RB25DET Engine with gearbox : - RB25 DET with r34 highflow turbo & aftermarket greddy style plenum, has 60,000 on clock when purchased in half cut from rolling imports. Runs great, no mechanical issues whatsoever when purchased. Has never been used since purchased. Complete with stock RB25 computer chopped at firewall harness - $3,500.00 S13 Aftermarket 50mm dual core radiator, brand new in box never used - $250.00 S13 r20 complete wiring loom & computer - $150.00 S13 Bonnets : - Matte Black, no dints. Would need respray - $150.00 - Gloss black bonnet, no dints could do with respray or buff - $150.00 - Black bonnet, left out in weather, few minor dings - $100.00 - Fibreglass bonnet - $350.00 Shells : - Full monkey wharehouse body kit – S13 - $500.00 ono - Stock S13 red mint rear back & rio - $125.00 - S13 front & rear rio’s - $50.00 each - S13 purple boot lid with no wing holes - $50.00 Lights : - S13 Mint Headlights x2 pairs - $300 / pair - 2x pairs of headlights – one of each headlight has half a broken bracket/diy holders will do the job - $200.00 / set - S13 rear tail lights 2x mint - $50.00 per pair Thermo fan : - 1x stock - $20.00 - 1x after market for S13 - $80.00 S13 Mint dash no cracks - $200.00 20L Fuel cell brand new never used - $80.00 Unknown steering wheel - $50.00 Unknown blue steering wheel - $25.00 S13 Climate control x4, 1 digital - $20.00, $50.00 digital S13 gearstick surround - $30.00 S13 Fuel tank with fuel pump - $50.00 S13 Centre control piece x3 - $50.00 ono S13 Dash cluster surround x2 - $50.00 ono Cam gears for RB - $25.00 each Battery box - $25.00 RB25 x member for S13 - $100.00 S13 exhaust pieces – offers Japanese drift number plate - $50.00 Hydraulic handbrake, brand new never used, with no lines - $60.00 As you see in the pictures, I also have a complete S13 with 500 stud skyline conversion, brakes & running gear with D1GP coil overs all round, minor adjustable camber arms, built in cage, GTR rear sway bar, white line front sway bar, GTR oil cooler mounted not fitted. – Few more minor mods, want to sell as whole. Will part at right price. Also have two shells, one rolling & one non roller. None roller is a sun roof model & roller has no run roof – offers on shells, I have two maybe three of everything interior & exterior part for an S13 (Carpet, panels, plastics etc.) Please message me for any further information or a viewing. As mentioned I do have a lot of parts and things around so please ask if you are after something that isn’t listed. Negotiable on price if bulk items, no ridiculous offers please. Happy to swap only for 2016 + karts / go kart engines or any go kart racing related items.
  17. s15 sunroof

    Hi guys does anyone have a s15 sunroof removal guide, and how hard is it ? I need to replace my current sunroof because the dodgy f#ckwit moron of a previous owner manage to somehow snap one of the arms so only one side is moving. It currently manages to go up and down but it cant fold back and open up because one of the arms is snapped. Any help is greatly appreciated thanks.
  18. S15 from The Netherlands

    Love the buddy clubs, always wanted a set!
  19. Thanks a lot for this information! I had the same problem when I was at tour of britain 2018 with my family
  20. Hello, my name is Niels and I own a Nissan Silvia S15 SpecR ‘99. regards!
  21. Make and model: 1995 180sx Size of engine: 1998cc Modifications to the car: 3" cat back, HKS pod, 660cc injectors, walbro 255 fuel pump, solid metal intake, Nistune, Unknown FMIC, turbosmart MBC Type of turbo: T28BB When does vehicle begin boost: 2700rpm When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI: 4200rpm Does the vehicle have Cams? if so; NO What brand: What lift/duration etc: Max power achieve at what boost: 167rwkw/ 225rwhp @ 13psi
  22. Constant power for S13 stereo

    Hi, I found that the 3rd fuse on the right hand side was blown, it is a 10Amp fuse and based on my observations powers the radio constant power as well as the interior light and clock as both of those were not working either but I hand't noticed. Hopefully that info is useful to someone. Thanks Chris
  23. Wtb s15 6spd clutch

    Wtb s15 organic type clutch Melbourne 0422 700 263 -Corey
  24. Constant power for S13 stereo

    Hi, My son bought a S13 SR20 Na auto that had the stereo stolen out of it when the previous owner owned it. I found a list of wiring colour's on this site from a very useful post from 2010, checked all the speakers with a multi-meter and that made sense so wired those all up, then moved onto the power etc. From what I can tell I need to connect constant power, switched power and antenna. We also plan to run an amp. So i should put Red with black stripe to the Constant power, Blue to the switched power and black with orange stripe to the control wire from the head unit and also connect the control wire to the amp to control the amp turning on and off. I checked with a multi-meter holding the earth against the top of the gearbox and the blue cable gets power (only 11.5V which seems low seeing the car has a brand new battery but I do have a pretty cheap dick Smith multi-meter) with ignition on and not when it is off so that is fine but the red with black stripe gets 0 volts regardless. So either, 1, I am wrong about constant power being able to be detected by the multi-meter so i should just connect it and hope. 2, There is a blown fuse - anyone have a fuse box diagram and know which fuse it would be for the constant power? I found some diagrams and there is a 10amp Audio fuse but I expect that is the switched blue wire rather than the constant power. 3, Run a cable from the Battery to the amp with a nice big fuse near the battery as planned anyway and then another cable from the amp up to the head=unit and put a 10Amp inline fuse in it and use that for constant power. Any ideas? Thanks Chris
  25. Error Code on stereo - S15

    Hm... never worked with such model. Interesting, what it is necessary to do with it?
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