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  1. Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Kilometres : 217 Price : $5,000 Condition : Used Nissan Silvia S13 1992 BLACK AUTOMATIC 2.0L 217, 000km (bonus with this is its real km's, got a dash in the boot for 60,000km, im just not that dishonest) This car has been very well maintained and can be used as a daily driver. Car is PERFECT to be converted to a Manual Turbo for Drifting for the car enthusiast. Or if your a P-Plater you can still drive it. -Good Paint with some flaws, bonnet is faded. -Lowered (Can be lowered more with current coilovers) -17inch rims with new tyres -Catback Exhaust -DVD Player with flip out screen -Aftermarket Tail lights -No Spoiler -Interior Red lighting -Aftermarket Nismo Dash -Digital Air-con -Momo Steering Wheel -Adjustable Tien flex r street spec Coilovers- Front and Rear (BRAND NEW CONDITION, these only come with the car if they arent sold first seperately) - Turbo Brakes on Front This car has had many upgrades since having it, so i've got stuff laying around and taking up our pool room at home. - 15inch rims with good tyres - front and rear suspension - Rear Stock Tail lights - DVD Player - Dash - Front Stock Brakes(these come with car) High mileage is due to this being my daily driver. The car has been very well maintained during this time and is very reliable. Reason for selling: Owning two cars is meaning this car is becoming superfluous, although i do not want to part with this car, i think its time i grew up. Car does need paint work in spots, please consider this before viewing. dont offer me bottle caps you cant sell, no swaps, i already have another car. Asking Price 5,000 ono (if you pay the 5 you can have the car and every part i have laying around that you want)
  2. wow How freakin hard is it

    at the end of the day all arguments aside about which is better, buying a house is forced savings can anyone really tell me there gunna live off nothing for the nxt 30yrs and save everything they have? no u cant so buy a fukn house and be done with it!!!!! lol i have a few for sale too
  3. wow How freakin hard is it

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this guy knows his shit
  4. where did u get the bags? got a link? looks crazy btw was looking into one of these but needed 4 doors
  5. wow How freakin hard is it

    incorrect danny, the banks are as about the tight as u can get atm with lending, they dont wannna know about it.. cba is the worst and is the biggest bank.. lol and congrats on the house its been a long time comming ( u told me u wanted to buy 6 yrs ago when u sold me the 180 : p )
  6. Then i brought a 180sx of denzo, another car most in S.A. will remember from back in the day. I seemed to have a thing for rear tails, both my S4/5 rx7s had them also P.S. i come close to putting "nightrider" lights in the front of the 180 for shits n giggles. i ended up buyin it off danny red nutz.. lol had it on my l's put it into a curb a couple months later had no job/motorvation/knowlege to fix it at the time (lower control arm and steering arm ) so pissed off as if i knew wat to do bak then it was like a 30min job anyway sold it to that heven *milkshake* nos dans mate... and i will find it again one day.. what happend to nos dan????? lol
  7. 19''s with tyres 150, thru ozzy tyres (no there not chromies) 19''s with tyres 150, thru ozzy tyres (no there not chromies) 19''s with tyres 150, thru ozzy tyres (no there not chromies)
  8. My 180SX - No longer mine!

    i beleive its the size of the rims and tyre profile, as i had sililar specs on my 32 na hahah would slide everywhere then back to 17'' and wouldnt even chirp
  9. yea i got a set of rims, 50bucks there urs.. 15 or 16 dunno there 5 spokes.. hope this wristy dosent go ina tree
  10. My 180SX - No longer mine!

    ^^^^^^ wat he said... but it will look 432543548765764853853 times better with the messhies and dumped
  11. The worst job thread

    lol only has its perks if ur an ugly carnt
  12. revolving resteraunt ?

    lol i hate seafood, any more ideas??? otherwise im gunna have to hit up this place
  13. why on earth did u get rid of the nismo front bumper?? love the rims but needs to bee dumped to pull it off.. nice first car mate
  14. revolving resteraunt ?

    lol i know where everything is in adelaide.. im asking bout melb.. i mite give docklands a go but need a revolving restarunt or sumthing like that.. lol dosent have to be revolving just nice views ect lol haha and not goin anywhere near the cas again last time i went to the crown i was bout 8k down hahahaha
  15. revolving resteraunt ?

    well im brinnging a chick ova lol dont wanna drive back alone.. more looking for places to eat with views.. been there a couple of times lol but with mates not girls