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  1. Xforce Varex Muffler

    Bump, still for sale, found the remote control box
  2. T28 Bush bearing turbo

  3. Ca18det ECU

    Standard CA18DET ECU for sale $50 Located Gisborne Vic. DRDRIFT ECU is SOLD
  4. T28 Bush bearing turbo

    Bush bearing T28 for sale, unknown condtion, excessive shaft play $50 Gisborne, Vic
  5. Xforce Varex Muffler

    For sale is a 2.5inch inlet varex muffler. 3.5" outlet. Dont have the remote control box but works fine if hooked up to switch. $150 Located Gisborne, Vic
  6. FS Field boxer Bov controller

    For Sale Field boxer Blow off valve controller, come with everything needed to use. $150 Located in Gisborne, VIC
  7. Exhaust regulations for track

    Cheers man, thats what i was after
  8. Exhaust regulations for track

    What are the regulations for exhaust pipes on the track. Not any pro racing just the fun days like the Tampered day at Winton. I know the sound limit is 95db at 30 meters but what about the exhaust exit point on the car? Mine dumps just before the rear axle close to the tailshaft, is that ok or does it need to exit out the perimeter of the vehicle. Thanks
  9. CA18DET Missfiring

    FOUND IT! What a pain in the ass. A while back i thought it might have been the detonation sensor, so i got the 1M ohm resistor and grounded out the wire from the ecu. Turns out the resistor didnt work! I tested it with a multimeter and it measures nothing. So i got another one and put it in and car runs good! Thanks everyone for your help.
  10. CA18DET Missfiring

    i changed the CAS and i thought it was fixed but nooo. Now im going through and changing the injector loom plugs as they are a bit loose, but i zip tied them down to the injector but still the same problem. i did a compression test and got 140psi over each cylinder. its a bit low but i didn't open the throttle when testing, the numbers are even so im not worried there. i unplugged the engine temp sensor. i believe it runs in closed loop mode after a certain amount of time. But even after having the car running a for a while it still misfires randomly. Running out of ideas! Theres still no ecu faults
  11. CA18DET Missfiring

    Yeah i was going to take mine back to dr drift aswell if i cant fix it. yours sounds like its running too rich.
  12. CA18DET Missfiring

    Yeah the splitfires came with a loom. i cant replicate the problem by shaking wires and terminals etc. so i dont think its wiring. Although my vehicle speed sensor isn't hooked up. would that mess things up? ill try to get a CAS during the week. i pulled out the one in it and it all looks fine externally.
  13. CA18DET Missfiring

    yer man i use bcpr6es normally, now it has the -11 ones in for the standard gap with the standard boost, but either way no change
  14. Hey guys i cant find anything else on the misfiring CA18DET I know its a common problem but ive done everything the other threads suggest. When i drive it randomly misfires sometimes down to two cylinders. on boost, off boost, sitting it lights, cruising on the freeway. completely random! Iv changed Coilpacks to splitfires. Changed spark plugs back to standard gap. running stock boost, changed fuel pump, swapped coil igniters, changed air filter. I dont know what else to do/test? The spark plugs look a little white, maybe its running too lean? Would a lose my Dr Drift remap if the ecm has been sitting with now power for a 12-18 months?
  15. Side intrusion Bars

    The doors on this are a lot longer than standard n13 doors which do have the bars. The AWD system is factory, the motor and gearbox are from an awd RNU12 Bluebird