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  1. ACT workshops, tuners, paint n panel, rego, etc

    I second this question and preferably located in the ACT.
  2. m&m's place

    That is awesome news! wish him all the best from me Markos. He will kill it.
  3. James' training log

    Good to meet you James. You got heaps more potential for even bigger numbers especially overhead. I was impressed.
  4. AD10 Warmup in Canberra

    These guys are strong. Canberra will be well represented. Powersports is a sweet gym. One of the only no bullshit gyms i've seen in Canberra.
  5. Shaving

  6. Good to hear. I want mine already dammit.
  7. Nooooo!!! why do you say this now. I ordered mine just yesterday. damn!
  8. Ah crap! I'm a size 9 & i ordered a size 9 because the guy said it'd be alright. Should've got a size down by looks of it. Lucky they do exchanges lol.
  9. m&m's place

    Yeah a bit stronger hey lol. Really is amazing looking at the progress he's made. Amazing but not suprising. I've been reading the forums as I always do but I don't post anything because I'm ashamed of how weak I've become lol. Been back training for about a month now after a 9 month layoff & last semester of uni now so I'll be fully dedicated to my training come December.
  10. m&m's place

    Wow! can't believe how strong Max is now!
  11. Sherman's Training Journal

    Thanks guys. Markos i shall be there in september. I like that goal Blake will be there too.
  12. Sherman's Training Journal

    I have been well & truly MIA for the past 6 months or so here. I haven't been training consistently since Dec 08. My priorities had changed due to a new job/uni workload & other family stuff but starting from last week i've been getting back into it slowly. F U C K i'm weak & small!!! (whats new lol) It was good to meet up with Blake & Brendon. Helped to give me some re-newed enthusiasm. Canberra boys we've gotta meet up more often. I'll start updating my journal once my weights don't resemble that of a 10yr old.
  13. Sports streaming

    This site's got good shit usually > http://www.justin.tv/directory/sports
  14. Wrist ligament injuries

    My injury was suffered in far less severe circumstances when compared to yours but I sprained/strained the ligaments in my wrist doing powercleans way back in Febuary. Had xrays, went to physio for 2-3 months and its still only at about 75-80% when i lift weights (phsyiotherapy did jack shit for me personally). Physio & docs advice was that surgery is probably my only other option. I really don't want to have surgery but i may have no other choice. In hindsight i probably didn't rest it enough & now its sort of f**ked permanantly. In short i'm looking for other solutions too if there are any out there haha.
  15. matts journal (advan)

    I still have the shit stains in my pants from when Matt was driving & my necks still a bit crook from the whiplash.