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  1. ADGP Round 1 review

    Sony FS100! Cool!!!
  2. Australian Drifting Grand Prix Round 1

    Let's try and keep this thread about the future and not the past perhaps?
  3. GoPro hero hd users

    I used to use MPEG Streamclip as well but now GoPro's own software can change frame rates and uses the Cineform codec which is much better than ProRes for size/quality. http://gopro.com/3d-cineform-studio-software-download/ For simple trims MPEG Streamclip is amazing, just "Select In" and "Select Out" then "Trim" and "Save As"
  4. drift colors

    I went to Ebisu before it went mainstream ...I wanna go again!!!!!
  5. James Vahoumis. His S14 was pure perfection, he was the first "guy to beat"...
  6. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    This sort of favoritism is nothing new... Honda rode Senna's cock while shafting Prost.
  7. WTA - Tectaloy Drift - August 5th/6th 2011

    Good to see the spokesperson for that other series is competing! At least it isn't like back in the DAy when people got nasty phonecalls about entering other events.
  8. jesse streeter's new s13..

    Woah, that is freaky!
  9. jesse streeter's new s13..

    Some nice pics! http://speedhunters.com/archive/2011/06/30/car-feature-gt-gt-jesse-streeter-s-ps13.aspx
  10. Australian Drifting GP

    I hope there is a large penalty for protests that fail.
  11. What Happens on a K-Tour?

    A++++ will watch again
  12. Drifting in the Future

    Sadly I think this thread has answered your question Turboed
  13. Drift tracks around Tokyo!

    Nearest track that does rentals is Ebisu, go there
  14. Drift tracks around Tokyo!

    Your best option is to come to Meihan in May 5th and rent a car off Shane Bingham. If you have a JR pass it is a quick ride down to Osaka on the Shinkansen
  15. Drift Attack 2011 V1.0

    Show me a brake check and I will show you a fsckup... I doubt there are any drivers talented enough to brake check deliberately. Just sayin'