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  1. Iphone (plan or pre-paid) question

    Went with the HTC Desire, seems to pretty good. Iphones will be left behind soon, Androids taking over the market...
  2. Iphone (plan or pre-paid) question

    They look like a decent phone, can't say i've heard much about them though compared to the iphones
  3. Iphone (plan or pre-paid) question

    So it sounds like Telstra Pre-paid is the way to go, with a HTC type phone Whats the story with Android...? Whats that all about?
  4. Iphone (plan or pre-paid) question

    My main reason for doing the above is, i have a work phone for general calls and sms. So that side of things is covered. I don't have interent though. So i'm looking for another phone purley for the internet only
  5. Iphone (plan or pre-paid) question

    On the COMSEC website they have an App for the Iphone to share trade, not sure if the App is compatible with other phones
  6. Iphone (plan or pre-paid) question

    I'll need an active sim in the phone so i can get onto COMSEC while i'm out and about
  7. Long story short i'm looking for an iphone purely for the interenet. Not looking to use it for calls or sms's, just internet. I'm trying to find a cheap plan that offers an internet package with min Caps, etc for calls and texts. Or i could go pre-paid and purchase an iphone outright. Opinions...?
  8. preworkout

    I'm currently trying new Quake 10.0, i find it better than Superpump 250. No caffiene content
  9. Song title...

    Thats its! Thanks i_s2_nismo
  10. Song title...

    Just listened to the Justin Timberlake song, wasn't it. Its more RnB, like Usher/Mario Ah ah ah ah ah ....... I'm not 100% sure what the words are at the end
  11. Song title...

    Can't find the song title, some of the lyrics are 'ah ah ah ah ah i'm loving it' or something like that It sounds like Mario/Usher or someone similar sing the song Its not the Rhiannon - Disturbia song
  12. These 'get ripped in 4 weeks' add's are popping up all over the place. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is...
  13. Saw this link on a website and had a read, has anyone heard much about these supplements? http://www.stevegetsripped.com/blog.php?t202id=2298&t202kw=Adbrite