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  1. drift button

    ^^^ Exactly right, with a drift button your drifting will improve out of sight! You'll wonder how you ever drifted without one! You'll go from ordinary drifter to D1 Pro all with the press of a button, plus your tyres will smoke 10 times harder while improving grip!
  2. Okay, before i get flamed for not searching, the search engine is not working so thats why i'm posting this here. What oil should i be using in my Kaaz 2 way LSD? Instead of forking out $100 for the Kaaz branded oil i know there are cheaper options out there that are just as good. What do you use in your 2 way and how much does it cost?
  3. Disney Pixar's Fast & Furious

    Haha, thats a repost but cool as f**k... The animation is awesome!
  4. Just buy a Kaaz 2 way brand new, they cost sfa....
  5. Hahaha.... ^^^ :lol: Search and you should find solutions to your question...
  6. TE37

    Good luck if you want to buy them brand new and Volk are out of stock. Its been a nightmare for me finding brand new wheels to buy. Tryed originally getting Weds TC105N's. Out of stock, no longer in production. Then Weds SA70tt, minimal stock left with only small sizes left, no more will be produced. Finally tryed to get Volk CE28N's, out of stock and none being produced until at least September. For big Japanese companies such as Weds and Volk this is an absolute f**king joke...
  7. What do i do about my blinkers

    30mm spacers grow on tree's...
  8. Where do you guys get Ikeya & cusco stuff new?

    You won't find any cheaper than Streeter. End of story, close thread.
  9. old school s13s?

    Someone buy THESE!!! 15x10.5 -34 SSR's!!! Or any of these, i could go on all night but too many links to post... SSR MK3 14x10.5 -32 SSR 15x10.5j SSR 14x10.5j -25 SSR 14x10j -38 SSR 16x15j -30!!!!!!
  10. Car Finance and insurance help

    So what bank was this that with? Westpac. Ah that sucks, f**kers won't give me a credit card...
  11. Car Finance and insurance help

    So what bank was this that with?
  12. paint job for a s13

    ^^^ Off topic but post up some pics of your tattoo work!
  13. TE37

    What colour is the car and what colour TE37's are you going to get? I know of a bronze set of 2nd hand 18x9.5 +12 TE37 available for $2800, they'd look damn tough on your R32!
  14. TE37

    Homerrules prices are stupidly expensive, find a set you like on Yahoo Japan and get Streeter to buy them for you. If you buy brand new TE37's you'll be paying close to 4 grand at the moment
  15. Now i know the topic of car transporting has been covered a bit, but most topics have not really discussed transporting low cars. I'm looking to transport my car from Melbourne to the Gold Coast and at the moment my exhaust has 60mm clearance from the ground, which will possibly be lower before i bring my car up. MY car will most likely have a full kit when transported too. Most car transporting companies require the car to have a minimum 6 inch ground clearance which my car doesn't even come close to. I've contacted CEVA Logistics and their enclosed trailer (not the race and prestige service) which requires 4" clearance is $1124 from Melbourne to Brisbane, which is quite a bit more than i wanted to pay. Does anyone know of any companies that transport low cars or am i just going to have to wind my coilovers waaaay up to get it on the truck?