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  1. Wheels for sale!

    16x8 Advan SA3 wheels, pair, 4 stud, white centers, +32off - $75 no tyres hey man i will buy these off you next week whats your number
  2. bmw 318i for sale

    i would but i cant get out to him this week.
  3. bmw 318i for sale

    only have one pic at the moment
  4. bmw 318i for sale

    hi guys i have a bmw 318i for sale for a $1200 e21 series, no rust that i can see, has a small fuel problem, all of the radiator system has been flushed and new hoses fitted and runs. it has been primed ready for a new paint job and just ran out of rego. comes with heaps of spares like bonnet, boot, doors, badges and more. $900 with out spare pair of light weight racing rims or $1200 with spare rims. call me on 0439 136 105 need gone as soon as possibly. cheers
  5. for sale

    read it again hussy you will find that it has been 18 hours.
  6. for sale

  7. for sale

    hey guys i have a couple of things for sale pick up only. can arrange interstate frieght at your own expense. 1. s13 non-HICAS rear cradle complete with all arms and hubs, no brake calipers or discs. $200 2. set of four 18'inch zeptana rims with near new tires. falken and nankang tires. $600 3. s13 t25 turbo in great working condition. $300 if you would like to purchase any of these please call me on 0439 136 105.
  8. Can anybody help me out with a little problem that i have. I want some sort of lower lip that will sruce up the looks on the front of my mr30 skyline. Does anyone have a dr30 that they are wrecking that might have a front bar that they want to get rid of. Or know of a company that sell bodykits for DR30, MR30 or just R30 skylines not R31's.
  9. we're all one big family.. shot gun being the dominate male! yeah! if you want to be.lolz hey how the hell do you get your banner to show up.
  10. stop your bickering, if you dont like it keep it to yourself, sure jamies car might not look the prettiest to you but whos to say that it is finished........... but seriously guys we are from the same family, its all nissan at the end of the day so be happy. banner.php?text[0]=CA18DET%20&size[0]=68&opacity[0]=100&angle[0]=0&text[1]=NISMO&size[1]=20&opacity[1]=100&angle[1]=0&text[2]=WET%20WEAPON&size[2]=36&opacity[2]=100&angle[2]=0&text[3]=TAYNTD%20DRIFT&size[3]=20&opacity[3]=100&angle[3]=0&effect=dark&link=http%3A%2F%
  11. yeah man it was reaally great for you to come up. next time your up the nt guys should be wearing alot of nissansilvia.com products on our cars and ourselves. till next time loz and bella have a great one. steven
  12. Coming to Darwin

    hey man good choice for living arrangements. darwin is nice and small but in saying that the cops will love you too if you cut a skid in an open area. friday nights some of us get together at truck city and chill for a bit before we head through the city to show off our cars or head off else where to be silly buggers. but what ever you are into im sure you will be able to find it in darwin. my name is steven and i own an s13, ca18det power ftw, ghive us a call if you want to meet up on a friday night or something. 0439136105. soop.
  13. hey guys i am in need of a clutch for for a ca18det in a nissan s13 silvia. please pm me if you have one laying around. also does anyone know if the clutch fork is the same as sr20,rb20,rb25?????
  14. GROUNDING EARTH KITS - 5 Precut 8mm Cables - $45.00 (Blue, Red, Yellow in stock!) can you please send a picture to me of the yellow ones. do they work well on s13 silvias.very interested
  15. auto gear box

    ca18det auto matic gear box for sale for $300 if anyone interested. in great working order. as far as i know it is anyway call on 0439136105