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  1. pics of 350z rims on s15

    hey thats me!!! they look good man, but you just have to watch the offset. its a bit out, and without opening the guards up and dropping it...it sits a little high... send me an email....spkiss@tpg.com.au if you want some more pics of the offset etc.
  2. Dyno Day (MELBOURNE)

    oh...and one more thing, they may have the numbers on the dyno sheet, but we have the numbers on the calder slip..plus its a ford, and we all know ford build quality is up there with drunk monkeys, ducktape and paper clips... thats all...im goign to bed..
  3. Dyno Day (MELBOURNE)

    ps: damo for president...also..i need another built sr...get to work fatty!
  4. Dyno Day (MELBOURNE)

    hehe, thanks for all the ..er...intetrest Damo...go back to listening to tripper music and swimming through the messy shit in that pit u call a garage....leave me alone for i come down there and stick a lock nut in ur anus I went down and saw Darren today to confirm it all. The dates fine but we'll have to push it forward an hour to 10am instead of 11am. Few other details - Each car will get two runs - Each car will get a printout - Payment must be made before the run. They accept cash and have EFTPOS down there. p.s. no ppl that say yes then don't rock up on teh day.. we want DEFINATES not maybes
  5. Giday guys, A friend from FordXR6Turbo is organising a Dyno day in Moorabbin Place: Carby Better Automotive 49 Levanswell Rd, Moorabbin, 3189 When: Saturday the 17th of May 11.00am onwards How much: $45 per head - CHEAP Fortunatly hes extending the invitation out to NS members so if you want a cheap dyno run, and to show those XR boys a thing or 2, PM me with details and ill get ur names on the list. Cheers S
  6. s15 auto

    3K torque converter, shift kit - if you think u can beat that mod for mod....then you need to get of the coke and put ur dik back in ur pants...Its pretty satisfying seeing a maual S15, with the exact same mods as me, moving back 2m every time he shifts...but hey, what do i know..im just a slow auto
  7. My s15 243rwkw 14psi street/track car.

    nice car man, you got some engine specs?
  8. I need help!

    ...thanks for the help so far guys, i reli appreciate any angle i can take to try get my baby running as she should... yeh its auto (shift kit + after market trans cooler)... please dont post abuse bout it being auto coz i dont wanna hear it...ive been thru enough... the box is about 3000kms old and feels nothing short of an animal.
  9. I need help!

    Paul from Chasers in west melbourne tuned the eman..he tried to nudge the boost up too see if itd make more, but anything more than about 10 and things went to the shitter...things started to lean out etc. what kind of things could be causing the flatline at 5k on 142rwkws where the engine doesnt wanna make more than 10psi?? Im not sure why, they seem to be trying to fault the gearbox but its pretty much brand new and feels nothing short of an animal. If injectors need 100% duty on 10psi, maybe fuel pressure is causing the issue? fuel pump crapped itself? not ground right?? (its new but meh..ive heard of fuel pumps shitting themselves) could all 4 injectors have packed it in? anyone experienced this at all? Any experienced advise would be greatly appreciated...
  10. Hi Guys, Need some advise.. I currently own an ADM s15. mods list is as follows: Decked/bored (20thou) Arias Pistons Eagle Rods ACL bearings Tomei rocker arm stopper Tomei Metal head gasket Head work - Port/Polish - Replace all seals blah blah Greddy Cooler Emanage ECU Gizzmo EBC Standard Inj/Turbo/AFM XForce Turbo back Bosch 040 fuel pump Basically ive been violated 3 ways from sunday with this car...prob after prob. to cut a very very VERY long post short, after alot of f**king around, 3 engines and more money than im willing to admit to spending...the car is finally running. The problem i now have, is its making 142rwkws on 10 pounds of boost with the stock injectors practically maxed out. the dyno curve practically flat lines @ 4500rpm....on 10psi... Any more boost and the injectors crap themselves... from what ive read and from what i know about the stock components of an s15, the stock injectors should be good enough to support something up too 180rwkws and i should be able to wind the stock turbo to at least 15 or so staying within the safety limits (id assume we can wind it up a lil higher but lets just assume 15 to be safe) Im not sure if its as simple of swapping out to some 555s or if the fuel pump has crapped itself (theres fuel pressure however so they dont think its that)...they are pointing the finger also at the drive train..but it doesnt feel like theres something wrong past the engine.. HELP!!! Any thoughts? Ideas? im running out of motivation to keep on goin with this project, its been one piece of bad luck after another for 10 months...need some advise to be able to get the most out of this bloody engine of mine...pre turbo upgrade... any help with this would be greatly appreciated..
  11. s15 yearly cost

    LOL!!!! i dont wanna scare ya but... gearbox...bang.... engine No. 1, bottom end... engine No. 2 (forged), (rebuilt) fukd...was rebuild incorrectly... engine No. 3 (forged), rebuilt again...now its an animal... bits and pieces, cooler/ecu/ebc/port+polish head/rims/misc stuff blah blah... bottom line... s15, a shit load mods, insurance and maintanence... (and you WILL mod it) just as much! realising uve blown 15k on a 25k car inside 8 months...priceless... if u only have to spend 5k a yr to run the car, and genral maintanence is all it needs...awesome! but the second something fuks up eg u blow a box or a turbo or a bottom end or anything...or you loose ur job, or ANYthing happens..u sell ur baby..and that'l rip u in half more than anything... go for it if u can afford it, but if u cant..just wait...it wont kill ya
  12. Midnight Mods

    he likes touching little boys.... i let him work on my car...white stuff all over the back seat..and a copy of teen dream magazine in the glove box..now i know i didnt put it there..damo? any ideas??...
  13. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone with a ported head in their SR20 (blacktop) has compression figures handy? Ive been told to expect lower compression numbers from what a stockie should make due to the porting and just wanted to hear what people think.. does this sound right to those who have had this done? Cheers S
  14. 350Z Anniversary rims

    i saw that chop in a previous thread, looks awsome. was just concerned that they might rub but from what i have been told they dont, and the 245 rears give the car an unbeatable stance... thanks for the advise guys.
  15. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone here has managed to fit 350Z Sp Ed. rims to a standard s15... im not concerned about overhang, just only really concerned with guard rubbing and how they go when the car is moving. any1 able to give advise?