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  1. Moving back to newy

    Im still around although just sold my 180, only got the daily micra now, altho its rocking coilovers, 15x7+15 ad teks and fender mirrors hahaha ill come for a spin in that if a cruise happens!
  2. 180sx 4th gear noise

    +1 mines been doing it since i got it 6 years ago lol
  3. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Spotted silver s15 with white wheels and yellow UM stickers on back window, between Newy and Stocko, they seemed to dig the way the micra is lookin atm lol
  4. possibly dropped bolt in turbo

    Why didn't you just start the car?? Let it run for 30 minutes, if you cant hear any munching taking place, shes apples!
  5. 180SX Type S Vs. S15 Autech.

    Why not just buy a n/a s13 sil till your off your p's then get a det 180?
  6. S13 door sensor vs dash clock :(

    My 180sx does this aswell, does the clock reset to 1:00 when you close the door? Ive never been bothered to try and fix it lol
  7. will a 215/45/17 fit a 9in rim

    I get all my tyres thru bob jane and they put 215 45 17 on my 9 no probs, didnt even question it
  8. Mullen Automotive Engineering - Whereabouts?

  9. Mullen Automotive Engineering - Whereabouts?

    RTA has been threatening these changes for ages, im mid build of a rodeo and supposedly the changes are coming in dec 19, but i bet it doesnt!
  10. Better low end response

  11. what coilovers are theses?

    zero 1s, ive got 2 sets of them lol
  12. Rare red speckle top sr20?

  13. Sr20 3cyl wrx problem help!

    Had this happen on my sr after having rocker arm stoppers installed/head gasket done. Turned out the collet for one of the valves snapped n i dropped a valve
  14. 22nd may Skidpan day with Driftmob

    Im planning on hitting the 3rd of June one, wanna get some stuff done on my car before it!

    BOOO, im having bday bbq tomoz night, othrwise ida come for dinner!