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  1. xx

    matsuri was good as... was awesome to finally make it on track... dissapointed that i had cooling issues at the end of yesterday(water pump or head gasket gone)
  2. electrical apprenticeship

    it might also be an idea to try and get in with a switchboard manufacturer who also does the big installs.... i have been working on a project in footscray for a company that builds switchboards and they are fitting out containers with control gear to run massive pumps and stuff for a gold mine in NSW..... before this i was doing mainly commercial and domestic jobs so to go from that to heavy industrial plus the spastic control wiring that goes along with PLC's and stuff with that has been an awesome change and the skills you learn building switchboards then rolls over to the installation side of things

    roflbrothel at westmeet thread....... might as well do skids in my undies it will be more pleasant than going ring road maccas on a wednesday night
  4. VicDrift Members Day #2 September 2010

    the back section is where you can have the most fun IMO skids are what make baby jesus happy. nuff said i heard our accomodation is booked and now i just need to get the friday off work
  5. 09/09/09 WEST MEET

    What's going on for tonights meet? Ready to make my triumphant return
  6. WEST MEET WED 19/08/09

    Still waiting on my new ride ...... Would of been quicker to import than to wait for Holden to pull their finger out
  7. WEST MEET 15/07/09

    Lol man it's now a race to see who gets their car back first... Your s15 or my new ute..... I can't wait for my 6 loiter love
  8. WEST MEET WED 1/07/09

    haha id go 6 litre twin turbo if i wasnt going to get hit with 15k of debt........ its a work expense so at least i can claim my petrol bills
  9. WEST MEET WED 1/07/09

    why im going to join the 6 loitre club........... oh shieet ive said too much
  10. WEST MEET WED 1/07/09

    i wont be coming to west meets for a LONG time............. gotta wait till sept for my comeback
  11. cop laws

    reminds me of when the cops did fink in his onevia "do you know why we have this law? it is so if a child is playing on the street and falls over if you hit them then they are able to go under the car without getting caught up" we all lolled coz what kid is 100mm when laying flat?
  12. WEST MEET WED 10/6/09

    justins car has taught me so much from changing hubs to oil cooler installs and anything else ive helped him out with............ because they were some of the bits that were broken on it
  13. Deej selling his car

    it is tempting but ill probs start looking at type x's and S14's ....... maybe a VU SS
  14. Deej selling his car

    yeah at least i had full comp on it so after the cops finish the report (it was that gutted they just shrugged it off saying pretty much 0 evidence) i should get 10 - 15 back....... it still sucks coz u dont expect anybody to be that low
  15. Deej selling his car

    long story........ i went to help CA power boy coz he snapped a wheel stud and my alternator shat itself so i was limping it home going out the back of melton and the cops pulled me up coz my headlights were flickering on and off and it died there so by the time i got picked up organised a tow and got back to it it was on fire with the rims stolen off it...... i just feel like an idiot coz i had the stockys and a jack in the back of the tray