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  1. Can you please post pics of the actual tail lights?
  2. i had oem ones. they use both tape and clips to hold it up.
  3. NISSAN S15 Windshields (RARE)

    which side is cracked, also do you have all the mounting clips too?
  4. last trip to Melbourne. i did it on one fuel tank, on stock boost. Around town i get 400-450. High boost 350 lol.
  5. Strut Bar Install

    just remember to re tighten after a few drives
  6. hey thanks for the review. was going to buy a pair after some wanker broke off my passenger side in pieces. the cheapest for oem i can find is 240 from rhd.
  7. I used a drill and hole bit. Then filed her gently. Just put a piece of wood underneath and drill into it too so you don't snap it. Where did you get your replacements? I saw on ebay going for 36. wonder if anywhere cheaper. I want spare so when I sell her I can just replace them.
  8. Iphone (plan or pre-paid) question

    do you have an abn? if you do you can connect on a telstra tmb casual plan. then add a data pack on top. So for 10 dollar a month you will get 1 gig of data and you can cancel whenever you want.
  9. damn if you were in sydney. i know a place 2.20 a kg for hammertone ez grip and 2.80 for rubber coated.
  10. Whats your favourite car colour

    i like candy red LOL but black also does it for me
  11. why don't you get yourself a nice gf. then you can spend your time trying to understand her then stressing about your room mate's gf.
  12. Intake filters

    heaps of my mate runs 3a. so do i. no problems, no gains but love the sound.
  13. Dual side intercooler ?

    just stick the second core outside of your bar on the side. like some oil coolers you see people run on the tracks