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    a solid non wobbling bench , squat rack and a long bar with some decent weights wanted in melb.pm me thanks raph
  2. how much paint?

    um pretty dependant on what material u choose to paint the car with and then what color. can vary between 2 lts to 4.5 or so
  3. renting out a spray booth for few hours?

    theres a place on white st in mordialloc just in the middle of the hill opposite the golf course entrance. cant remember what they charge but it wasnt too bad a while ago. did a few cars there years ago but i wouldnt have a clue on the conditions of their booths now. rental places are usually barely maintained
  4. i was looking for ages but lucked out with an old school friend who has his own plumbing business and offered me an apprenticeship once he knew i was looking. try asking everyone u know... someones brothers friends cousin will be a tradie looking for a cheap worker. and when they turn you down for the apprenticeship offer yourself as cash labour on the weekends. good way to get your foot in the door and show them how keen you are. most tradesmen i know umm and ahh about putting on an apprentice because they dont think they have enough work then when they do have one they cant believe how they got by without
  5. Seam Welding

    lots of time money and effort for an improvement that could be obtained via other mods for less money. i would say do it if you plan on extracting every last millisecond out of it on the track or drag strip with every possible performance modification..........otherwise spend the money elsewhere
  6. Central nervous system

    It is a viable question and if you don't have anything useful to say don't post. If you overwork your body (agreed that eating more may overcome this) you will find that you won't be able to lift as much or work as hard as per usual. I've researched around but no one has a straight answer for my question, so I asked here. You can squat and deadlift more then once a week Just build up to that training frequency. Your statement underlined above is wrong. As Markos and Fuzzwall said, no such thing as ovetraining, only undereating. The reason raphthawrecka said 'f*cking lol' is because this sort of thing has been covered many, many, many many many many many many many many times before, have you read ANY of the pinned threads with the basic information? man honestly i dont understand how you can ask a question like that if u claim to have done the relevant research on this site. its all there. all of it. everything u need to know. everything. how good is that?
  7. Central nervous system

    f*cking lol
  8. Where to buy big well made 7 or 9 seat sofa's

    hell yer. turkey night at your house
  9. Where to buy big well made 7 or 9 seat sofa's

    u make too much money mother f u c k e r
  10. Need show worthy re-spray

    1k for the rear quarters you dumb *milkshake* not the whole car would still be more than 1k i knew of a show monaro that was near on perfect as is and was resprayed by racepaint in purple candy at an apparent cost of 15 gs. no graphics or anything
  11. wanker in craigieburn

    pfff. 215/40 on a 9.5 isnt that stetched normal tire i runs on a 9.5 is a 205/40 pfff. 205/40 on a 9.5 isnt that steched normal tire i runs on a 9.5 is a 175/40
  12. Need show worthy re-spray

    racepaint for show work. pricey as but immaculate
  13. New Top Gear Australia

    part of the reason the english one is so good is the banter and actual personality and wit of the hosts. the australian ones will never hold a candle to it. they need to be completely different and go out of the box because they wont ever match the dynamics of the original
  14. Room for rent

    cheers for the interest and man love guys. room is available as of this sunday pm, call or txt to arrange a viewing time or meet up for a suss out
  15. Room for rent

    if u got a bubble booty and double d's don we will work out a night roster