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  1. WTB s13 passenger window reg

    hi looking for s13 window reg for passenger side in SA cheers
  2. Price : $400 Condition : Used hi got a set of fc3s HA coilovers for sale not leaking full adjustable with helper springs $400 also got a pair of fc3s side skirts $100 loacated in redwood park 0416041943
  3. Price : $150 Condition : Used hi got some super spark coilpacks x6 for sale suit rb20/rb25 or would also work on ca18 $150 cheers
  4. parts clear out sa - $200

    Price : $200 Condition : Used hi got some parts to clear out of the shed greedy cooler 300x600x70 $200 superspark coilpacks x6 suit rb20/25 $150 ca18 highmount turbo mainfold never been used $50 greedy catch can still in box $50 ca18 auto trans $50 ca18 manual gearbox suit rebuild $50 a31/s13 steering rack $50 a31 pearl white boot lid with gt style wing $50 rb20 inlet mainfold $50 rb20 hitachi alternator $50 s13 sr passenger seat on rails $40 r33 side skirts $40 r33 side mount cooler $40 ca18 head suit rebuild $40 ca18 bottom end suit rebuild $40 ca18 eccs inlet mainfold $40 loacated nth east suburbs 0416041943
  5. Price : $50 Condition : Used hi got a front strut from ceffiro should fit s13 as well $50 loacated nth east suburbs
  6. G1 Round 1

    hi light of the day was watching Koji in Japanese Imports spares S14 get big air off tire stack
  7. 13 y.o dad.

    sounds about right that would probally pay better than his current pocket money arrangement
  8. when is shuffling going to get the respect it deserves
  9. Cannot decide

    have to get exhaust first to fee up some power then coilovers for handling
  10. lucky there wasn't more damage
  11. Sissy boys tread

    yeah a good rub and tug will fix most things
  12. sounds like its got the fruit to put down some good times
  13. MR 1JZ's Project Drift Soarer II

    looking good should hang sweet skidzs
  14. drift toys

    used to hang a key ring that said safety off my back number plate which would spin and reflect following cars headlights was awesome