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  1. haha cheers str8e180, means a lot hearing that from some one thats been around. as for price i havent really kept a running list ( i have kept every little receipt from nuts and bolts to the spoiler) when i can be bothered having a good cry i will add it up haha. but my main focus for the build has been suspension, safety and aero so i havent tried to take any short cuts or use shit materials/ products. also i have done all the work my self so that saves money, but doing it myself wasnt to save money, was just cause i could.
  2. started to fab up the spots where my rear wing stays are gonna mount to. just sat it there for shits and giggles, will it further back and a bit lower. end result is something like this once i get my wing stays machined.
  3. yeah its awesome, freddy from there is also one helpful man. definitely recommend them, not only for there products but his service is pretty awesome.
  4. yeah can form mould it like that, but i dont have a big enough oven. heat gun doesn't spread the heat to a large enough area and comes up like shit and bubbly/ warpy. what i need is a powder coater oven or maybe a clay oven haha but even then i would still have a wire for back up also in the pic getting the alignment there is nothing holding it there ( no wire or pin) thats just from the one bend.
  5. yeah still not 100% sure which way im going with it yet. will either be jsut the cable or jsut the pins holding it in place. i have put a bend in the poly down near the window weather strip so its angled back in. jsut need to get it up to speed to see which way i go. with the pin shouldnt be an issue as it is a pin on both sides. so in the event of an emergency either a field marshal on the outside can pull the pin on the outside or i can pull the pin on the inside. so the solid pin goes through the polycarbonate window and the ally tab (which is connect to the body to hold the window in place) and there is a pinthat sits on the window exterior and then another on the other side on the ally. so when either pin is pulled the window is free. just means i have to pin it in each time i get in and out (only when racing, holds well enough just cruising) this is the tab, not in the way at all.will update with a few more pics once its neatened up. will prob have a sticker saying pull pin etc for marshalls etc
  6. haha cheers man. done a bit of a drive today down the street so might put up a little vid, but its nothing spesh, just driving up n down the street checking to brakes/handbrake. everything went pretty well, does idle a bit weird (whole car shakes until it warms up.) , but not 100% sure if thats because it has been sitting for quite a while, but have started it every week or so just to keep shit fresh while building it. could be some old fuel it needs to remove but i did put in some fresh 98 octane. but will sort that shit out soon enough. so now all i need is -the rear spoiler, thinking the top stage gt3 spoiler and then make custom uprights either from the inside of the boot chassis rails or through the rear bumper. not sure yet. - mount the front splitter - under body jacking points to weld under the roll cage to suit the under body panel, unless i just use a longer spacer to sit on the jack.(welding might screw shit up on the inside of the car now ) -making a new seat bracket to go all the way under the seat as a bit of extra safety and to move it forward and a tiny bit of an angle backwards. then hopefully thats it. but most of that can be done at any time and can basically drive the car once the idle issue is sorted
  7. haha cheers man, looks tough even with half the body missing haha and dont know how to move it, lol
  8. well today was the first time since i started building my car that it has left the factory and really moved more then 10 meters. only just fit on the trailer. all wheel aligned up and got to do a little drive up and down a drive way. no one died woooo. big thanks to Elliot from Kidman Park Bridgestone for aligning every thing up
  9. so cant i hahaha just the last few bits im not having the best of luck with XD
  10. bit of an update, windows are sorted and hold nicely, just took the lexan to work and put it in the bender and cold formed one bend in each. (still has heaps of camber on the rear to have removed) also hada bit of a find on gumtree and bought a well priced Topstage carbon diffuser made for an s15 so just test fitting it up so i can make some brackets to attach it firmly. just cant run the rear bar and have to return it to the stock rear bumper as it will not work with the gp sport one (hangs to low)) but i dont mind it few test fit photos also i finally got my rear brake adapters for the evo 9 brembos so i can FINALLY start driving once i bleed the brakes and get an alignment
  11. my photo ography - CAVEMANgentlemans club

    the earlier macro shots if its still showing them was with a olympus e520 body with a 50mm macro lens. the last ones are now with my nikon d700 with my tamron 90mm macro 2.8 hopefully have a bit more of a play this weekend.
  12. my photo ography - CAVEMANgentlemans club

    stalking flys again and some sort of slug trail, looks awesome when you can zoom in and see this skinny slug
  13. this sucks, hopefully no one else follows. i work at ttg council and the stuff that these councillors pass through has nothing to do with what the community wants, its all to do with what they themselves want and there hoity toity friends. they payed an excessive amount even tho allready in 38 million dollars debt to get one leg of the tour down under. its just crazy. alot of the stuff they pass they have absolutely no knowledge of or expertise to know whats going on. if it sounds good TO THEM it gets passed, thats why there is so much debt with in council. due to there shit house decisions, among other things as well of course. local government shits me.
  14. well this is what i have come up with so far for the windows..main issue was that there not moulded so they dont form to the shape etc and need to be opened from both sides. one option i still might try is just taking it into work and putting it in the bender and cold form it with one bend and maybe that way i wont need the middle wire but wont follow the natural curve... but will wait and see. so basically what it is, is the bracket up top left and a wire in the middle connected to the door so it holds its shape the wire in he middle. still just a "prototype" if you will so still needs to be cleaned up the release pin. two r clips and rod, drilled through. so it holds it between the window and the bracket. might put a 2mm ally piece to protect the lexan when the pin is pulled. only issue i can see is that when getting on and off a trailer, if the sides of the trailer are to high its not like you can just wind down the window to get out....
  15. cheers guys, no completion date set any more. basically been waiting on one part that i need to get the car finished. so until my brake adapter for the rear are done i wont be driving. but thats all i need so in the meantime i have been doing all the other stuff i planned to do when i was driving it etc. so now im just doing the splitter, brake ducting, windows etc until it arrives. pretty annoying but ah well. as for events, looking at hill climbs and time attack style mainly cause i dont want to hit other peoples cars haha
  16. 180sx Part Out

    looking awesome so far bud.
  17. yeah, wasnt a fan of putting a frame on either. just more labour involved which if you think of it as my time in labour i might as well buy the moulded windows from plastics4performance. few more pics from todays messing about
  18. more on the lexan windows what i have so far. made a bracket going into an existing bolt hole inside the frame. so it will basically be a rod that goes through with a quick release pin going through either side so in an emergency it can be opened from both sides. just need the shops open so i can buy some crap. then will just run some stainless steel cable further down to the door frame for the middle so there is no bracket to smash my head on. some pics i found that could be useful to others http://forums.probetalk.com/showthread.php?t=1701261944 http://andrewredward.com/2011/09/21/alive-and-well/
  19. carbon bonnet i got cheap because it was broken, sooo now its repaired haha just needs a few wet rubs and polish now need to blank out the openings on the left and right then adda naca duct for brake cooling so i formed up some sheet metal to the shape needed and added some carbon goodness popped it out trimmed it up just need to stick it on and then trim out the shape of my naca ducts and done.
  20. Also one sheet has done my rear windo. My rear quarters and door windows plus my brothers sunroof cover on his s13. lol so it goes a fair way. Just cuts with a bi metal piece in a jigsaw. Can buy a plastic cutting blade but they get quite pricey. Then i have a bench sander so i smoothed and rounded the edges after. Hope that helps
  21. Im in adelaide and bought it from mulfords in regency park. Cost around 140 for a 1200 by 2.4 sheet at 4 or 4.5 mm cant remember the thickness off the top of my head. Will hopefully have one window test fitted and complete this weekend.