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  1. i have a few ideas so i will see which ones work haha. i have taken out the bracing. just a few bits on the end i couldnt get off with out damaging the outer door skin.
  2. more updates. bought a CF bonnet really cheap so just have to do a few reapairs and shie is good to go only had a few mins spare to chuck in the rears then cut out the passenger and drivers windows and started playing around with them. just need to make up an attachment for the tops to hold it in tight. still waiting on rear brake adapters to be made XD so car is still not able to be driven grrr
  3. my photo ography - CAVEMANgentlemans club

    also i bought another macro lens finally form my nikon. after reading quite a few reviews i bought the tamaron sp af 90mm f2.8, also bought a ring flash jsut a cheapie off ebay. so i will have some more macro pics to put up in the following weeks hopefully
  4. my photo ography - CAVEMANgentlemans club

    made up a shitty FB page for most of my pics so i can tell people where to find them when they ask. will make an actual site one day if i can be bothered. for any one thats interested http://www.facebook.com/pages/Caveman-Gentlemens-Club/520239354692793
  5. Fabrication Pics Thread

    so much room for activities
  6. Haha yeah changed that ages ago. Any ideas to add blingy? Or input?
  7. little bit of an update. inside is all complete, just needs a good clean now and a little play with the polycarbonate window brackets. all padding now in as well also my favorite part of the car so far, purchased some coilover from Josh Coote at MCA front and rear silver series

    haha wish i got to see it before the tread was cleaned
  9. Fabrication Pics Thread

    lol the inside of your car pic haha 1 page back
  10. Fabrication Pics Thread

    ah like seeing sweet sweet insides like yours STR8E180, looks very neat.
  11. my photo ography - CAVEMANgentlemans club

    few more and some older ones since some photos have disappeared
  12. cheers man, front 2 peice rotors are evo 9 and cost about 700 i think for the pair. the togue factory brackets are made so there is no shaving of the caliper etc and nothing extra was done for the two peice since its a direct replacement for the standard evo discs. offsets etc are still the same. there is another bracket made by alpha omega which is more expensive and uses evo 10 rotors only (evo x is 350 mm rotor and evo 9 is 320mm) so im not sure if 18 inch rims have to be run as the smallest for it or not.. it is a stronger design but will see how it goes as iv never heard of any tf adaters breaking etc. hope that helps.
  13. well after VisionR.com.au in perth f**king me around for 3 months, my correct rotors finally came. so my front brakes are completed. so as it stands the specs are 320mm girodisc 2 piece curved vane rotors togue factory adapter evo 9 brembo 4 pot calipers carbone lorraine rc6 pads front hel braided lines abs removed all that is left is to wait for the read adapter to be finished, mount the rear brakes, bleed the lines, wait for mca to release there new coilovers then wheel alignment. almost there
  14. aero dynamics

    haha yeah of course, will have it attached in a fe places and making it easy to put on and off. will put more pics up later in the build thread once its done.
  15. try popping out your glove box and see if you can reach up through that way and pop out the clips perhaps? just disconnect your battery so you dont boot yourself in case of dodgy wiring or exposed pins
  16. Motorkhana South Australia 2013

    hopefully make it out there to. car is almost good to go woop. so much fun
  17. my photo ography - CAVEMANgentlemans club

    still alive, tiny update. been doing stuff all really XD finally got myself a copy of adobe cs6 but havent touched it yet so might give it a crack at fixing the distortion from wide angle lenses
  18. aero dynamics

    just like all front splitters will at the correct ride height for them to be effective.
  19. inside is basically alll finished, just have to attach the 6 point harness to the eye bolts but will do all that last as i dont want to dirty it haha gauges all in and wired up. still waiting on brake parts and one or two other bits and pieces to be released
  20. aero dynamics

    well here is my front splitter. made it in CF with a foam divinlyl cell core adding in naca ducts for brake cooling either on the under side or in the front bar. probably end up going from the front bar so it closes up the opennings.
  21. nah all separate. will have its own mounting spots with maybe one or two points going through the bumper to keep it together.
  22. almost finished off the interior, just need to space the hydro lever forward a bit more and wait for a few gauges to rock up then thats about it. then started running out of things to do since im still waiting on parts so i had a little play with the front bar trying to figure out the best way to mount some ducting for the front brakes. was either going to run under the diffuser or carbon fiber over the front holes in the bumper and mount it to that creating a smoother front in the process. will work either way with enough room for routing the heat resistant ducting. still need another 2 or so coats of carbon cloth over the diffuser just to strengthen it up. just a little comparison of the rear brakes.
  23. can i have your engine? thanks haha
  24. had some time spare today so i put in the rear quarter lexan windows, came up pretty sweet. few pics plus a few others.