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  1. bit more of an overall update exterior. full gp sport g-sonic evolution wide body copy various carbon aero mods here and there. splitter, diffuser etc lexan windows, rear, rear quarters and soon to be doors when i figure out how to mount them rear spoiler when i found one i want. interior.. velo apex seat velo wrc 6 point harness custom low seat mounts s15 dash gutted stripped interior stripped wit all sound deadening removed stripped rear parcel sparco twin spoke steering wheel d1 spec quick release drivers floor done in hydroturf hydro handbrake autometer pro comp series water temp, oil pressure, boost gauge dry cell battery behind passenger seat. battery kill switch in center console aircon/heater stripped chasis.. full seam welded inside and mostly out (engine remained in) 10 point weld in cage, front strut to rear strut. boot gutted doors gutted suspension/steering.. SPL TITANIUM tension rods SPL PRO V5 front outer tie rod ends Front inner tie rods (240SX with stock knuckles, for grip or street use) SPL TITANIUM rear upper arms SPL TITANIUM rear toe rods SPL TITANIUM rear traction rods SPL SOLID subframe bushings whitline adjustable swaybar front and rear nismo diff bushes nismo front lca bushes drive line , engine etc.. AEM dry filter pod trust intercooler AM performance front /dump pipe AM performance cat back AM performance de cat pipe turbosmart boost T hks stainless manifold custom full spool made by a mate at ppg xtreme ceramic button clutch chromoly fly wheel brakes.. abs removed hel braided line abs removal kit. hel braided lines to calipers evo 9 brembo 4 pot calipers front TF factory adapter for front garage 7 adapter for rear evo 9 brembo 2 pot calipers rear girodisc 2 peice curved vane fronts girodisc evo X rear one peice curved vane carbone lorraine rc6 pads front cooling from naca ducts though ducting to front brakes wheels../tyres.. 4x 17x9 +15 ssr indy 500 2x 17x9.5 enkei rpf1 +18 2x 17x10 enkei rpf1 + 18 255 achilles 123s fronts 275 azenis rt15 rear still a bit more but food time for me nom
  2. bit more of an update. went and bought some more lexan for the windows. so started to make them on sat and finished the rear and the rear quarters. will hopefully put them in tomorrow on my day off. along with sorting out a hydro handbrake to go with the new brake set up.. few pics. red line oils all round full spool chucked back in along with the new whiteline swaybar fits nice when its all pushed in sheet was the perfect size to fit one rear window nice and shiny once its peeled back. and the new brakes
  3. by the way, are all the pics still here from the original posts? they have disappeared from the view i get from my comp also did the video appear in my last update? i just see a few empty lines with no video
  4. nah nothing at all at the plugs. thought at first it could be the ecu but i bought another and still nothing. im sort of putting off having a sparky look at it haha but i will get back on it after this one. have to keep my self busy some how. Got power to the dropping resistor? Do you have spark?
  5. bit more of an update. started the car up for the first time in almost 6 months after completely stripping the wiring and everything in the car and it starts woop. no s12 issues here haha " /> " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="600" height="400"> only a few minor things left like making the lexan windows, finishing the front lip and rear diffuser. buying new girodisc rotors to go with the evo 9 brembos, buying a rear spoiler and welding it in to the chassis and mounting it as one with the boot, then wheel alignment wooop. hopefully out on its maiden voyage very soon. 6 months of building almost over.
  6. if it was something like that i would be so shitty haha and yeah a CA. any way of telling?
  7. yup haha. it just isnt getting spark to the plugs, turns over and everything but no happy times. will try and get something up this week on s12 with what i have done.
  8. yeah s12 is still there. had a play with it before i went on holidays last month. need to post some stuff up in s12silvia to see if some guys can figure out what i have done wrong lol really need to get it going. DIff
  9. not to sure where all the other pics got to, but ah well. more of an update. sparco steering wheel d1 quick release was bored and chucked some hydroturf on the drivers side footwell tyres fitted on rims. jsut some cheapies to figure out sizing etc 275 azenis rt165 on the rear and 255 achilles 123s on the fronts just needs a pretty good wheel alignment to get rid of the unwanted neg camber. put the tien tie rods in, spl castor rods, spl tie rod ends etc
  10. just wondering if some one in there s15 could take a photo of the interior fuse box/junction box for me and then of a specific plug that shows the wires etc. i was relocating it and removed some wires when one i needed came out also. so i just want to double check that i have it back in the corrct pin postion. i have tried searching and gone through the manual and cant find a diagram with pin postions and wire colours. car is a 2001 nissan s15 adm in my pic you can see it is the plug that is not there. second from the top on the left side of the fuse box. thanks.
  11. my photo ography - CAVEMANgentlemans club

    will give side ons a crack. when there isnt other jumps or stuff in the way haha
  12. my photo ography - CAVEMANgentlemans club

    few more bmx pics of the brothers and mates. wouldn't mind trying to get better at these. might have to start google searching a shit load of bmx images
  13. Sidd Rishi Photography

    that last coral shot is just a little mesmerizing i need to get a macro again XD
  14. my photo ography - CAVEMANgentlemans club

    thanks jay. just each time i get a chance to get out there i put it down a little slower each time. now here is a few from a recent trip to New Zealand. got back last week. so heres a few quick snapshots. would have liked to play with the camera more but ah well. a couple while driving along. this one is out of focus, but i still like it
  15. my photo ography - CAVEMANgentlemans club

    yeah, all the earlier shots were on photobucket or something. no idea what happened there.bit more of an update. will do it over two posts. still no editing programs so straight from the camera. some pics of the matsuri in adelaide at the beginning of the month. .
  16. haha must of been close to where i was, if its the same guy, he didnt need a grand stand or a bin haha mates and i were on 4 wheelie bins almost inline with the spoon drain. haha u were in front of us, you were on the end of the bin with the camera and one of your mates spilt his beer? Big tall guy was standing right behind me. haha yeah, i was the guy with dreads at the other end
  17. disabled car park signs and a plank haha, they were shut down pretty quick.
  18. haha must of been close to where i was, if its the same guy, he didnt need a grand stand or a bin haha mates and i were on 4 wheelie bins almost inline with the spoon drain.
  19. will be heading in for a look. should be different.
  20. Roberto Mocchetti Photography

    liking the third pic of the simons s14. so good
  21. my photo ography - CAVEMANgentlemans club

    few from the other night, just playing wth one flash, will try with two next time. using a 10mm- 22mm cant remember, have to double check. few pics still a little dark .
  22. my photo ography - CAVEMANgentlemans club

    havent updated in a while again so here is a few more updates. havent been playing with the camera much at all still dont have any editing software for the mac yet either.
  23. looking pretty awesome so far with that huge list. will be good to see it out there or chasing it around one of those tracks
  24. body kit fitting etc http://sphotos-e.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/558741_10150911226913694_1047196725_n.jpg http://sphotos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/581477_10150911227213694_1634977232_n.jpg painting
  25. also started on the rear end, hoping to have my diff all done by next week. so pulled the rear cradle out again, and gave it all a bit of a clean, took out the subframe bushes ready for spl ones. removed the diff mount/bushes and replaced with nismo ones. then put the fuel tank back in. few more pics.