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  1. Price : $2,900 Condition : Used AGGRESSIVE OFFSET FOR GT-R's but still sit comfortably inside non modified gaurds BUILT AND IMPORTED IN JULY 2012 WORK MEISTER S1R's 114.3 19X10.5 +8 1,500KMS OLD. NOT A MARK ON THEM, STILL HAVE ORIGINAL BOXES $2,900 ***TYRES NOT INCLUDED***
  2. Mt Alma Mile 2012

    After major issues with my car for 4 of the 6 runs I managed a 44.9, the car definitely had more to give was just unfortunate it was all over the shop in the previous runs.. Oh well, next year!!
  3. Mt Alma Mile 2012

    i dont think the finish line is much of an issue... if you apex late on the final corner you can pretty much hold it wide until you pass the post, then the car should be straight when you reach the gravel... but if you get the corner wrong which isnt hard you may die hahaha.
  4. Mt Alma Mile 2012

    Yeah pretty much that's the format... After the 6 runs are done an accumulated time is added up and the top 12 from each category (2wd/4wd) go into a sudden death run, 12 to 6 to 3 to winner... Then presentation and cya next year

    spotted probably the same one yesterday, gave each other a wave... very tuff looking piece of vehicle!

    yeah gtr would of been me... i live in st marys spotted alot of fail tday on the C4C
  7. Where do u work

    i could just picture it we got a pinion made and heat treated which cost $4000 and half shafts were some thing like $1200 each to be made and heat treated geez $4000... what company did that for you? our going rate is between $5-$7.50 per kg approx... so im guessing it was mostly machinning cost that made it soo expensive.
  8. Osama Bin Laden is dead

    Your right , but , the temperature needs to be constant and pretty fkn hot to have any effect . As Touge said the fuel was mostly vapourised on impact , and fire retatdent office supplies really dont burn that hot hey . And if it somehow was fire that weakened the structure it surely would not have collapsed in the way it did - at nearly freefall speed , into its own footprint . Randymarsh I'm an apprentice boiler maker so can I talk ? K thanks . well the good thing is you are both right... i believe that the building fell from heat exposure, since 723 deg celcius (AC1) is when ferrous metals start the transformation range which they are then able to undergo chemical changes. this being such a low temperature it would not take too long for the steel to de-carbonate (loose the element of carbon) and oxidize. in theory it would loose all its structual integrity. predicting it was made of a cast steel beam, the carbon content would already be quite low since it fell straight down to the ground. one of the "rumours" i heard is when building the building they put explosives in certain area to make it fall down straight and not land on half of NY if the shit ever did hit the fan.. kind of like an implosion insurance i guess haha.
  9. Where do u work

    Heat treater @ Tooling & General Heat Treatment... its a sweet gig. i definately see alot of interesting things that would put a smile on many imoprt lovers faces

    Up south? lol tuff as hell, grey and lumpy sounding evo 8 on daws road
  11. After brake upgrade kit for R33gtr

    alcon kit is 8,500 and u will not be dissapointed... bolts straight on running the standard lines 6 piston front 365mm rotor 4 piston rear 335mm rotor with ferodo ds3000 pads so far i have got 16,000kms on those pads and will make 20,000 im sure with a hard press when hot they will still lock up at over 160+ km/h thats with 18x265 all round

    If the 34 had lmgt4 might have been me ??? hard to tell the diff from a distance or rolling

    Lol I know of the guy! His daddy's loaded! there is a heap of P-plate drivers in 34 gtr's these days... dont be hatin haha plus u can pick em up for as low as 40k these days i know someone that payed high 30's for a v-spec with 60k on it, it was a minter aswell!
  14. Tunnel runs

    if there anything like the servo cameras u see during robberies they will be lucky to get the colour of the car +1
  15. Tunnel runs

    everyone gets on their high horse when this stuff happens... we all know that all drivers of high power cars and low power cars young and old make mistakes... its just sad that someone was stupid enough as to get caught... i apologise in advance for my opinion