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  1. R35 Accident - NSW

    Wtf, how does one even tell by looking at that it's a R35 GTR
  2. Hill climbs or Hill runs in VIC

    I wouldn't count on being offered anything on here or any other forum. A lot of people on the forum these days don't want to get involved just because police associate themselves with these forums and not to mention that 70% on forums now are posers that make and tune their car to look and drive like a drift car, but at meets just take photos so they can set it as their wallpaper on their computer. You'd have more luck joining calaisturbo, even though they are all bogans and their cars sound all the same, they have more balls than the JDM enthusiasts these days who claim to be drifters but only take it out once a year to a show and shine sausage sizzle.
  3. Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2012

    Molotovs at the ready.

    Someone's been playing COD. lol.

    k switches won't do much, they are probably towing it away and parting it out then burning the vehicle. GPS trackers would probably be the best bet, but if they burn the car a day or two after it could get hard. :\. Of course you could always get those alarms with door sensors etc.

    Just look on ebay or gumtree to see which seller has 7 SR20DET/DE's for sale and if he's in melbourne and do some research lol. It's unfortunate the GPS tracker/having a Double garage is the only way to keep your car safe.
  7. I definately respect that you come on here and say it was the biggest mistake of your life. But those cops didnt know if it was stolen and not reported yet, if you had a dead body in the boot, if you'd just done a home invasion. I've said it here before but if i just got robbed or my car stolen, I'd prefer to know the cops wrecked the car trying to get them than "oh we called it off because it was dangerous for the criminal" Basically our culture is too soft. Cops have to care about the person theyre chasing but still do their job. If the just ended chases in a way thats safe for everyone but the crim it'd work better. Ram the car being chased into a tree before they can hurt anybody else. Not saying I wanted you to be rammed into a tree, but i'm sure you'd understand me saying a tree is a better option than an innoccent motorist. the amount of cops that came after me, they could have planned a quick road block or something, or even spike strip, I must of passed at least 3 cops heading the opposite way Someone has a Windows 98 Emulator and has been playing NFS: High Stakes.
  8. Does anyone know this car?

    Factory? Awwwwwwww shiieeeetttttt. Looks better than any other Silvia wheel i've seen.
  9. Does anyone know this car?

    Fact: All the "Wrong Turn" movies were filmed in Tasmania and based on a true story.
  10. Does anyone know this car?

    That doesn't make sense at all.... That doesn't make sense at all.... You should have your own travel agent... cos you a trippppp! Always wanted to say that to someone :\. *Edit*: I don't know how to reword it, i'll give it a go. - I've never seen one before, so being naive i would assume it's just a chinese bodykitted 180sx without looking further into it.
  11. Does anyone know this car?

    Looks nice! If i saw it on the street i wouldn't even realise it's a widebody 180sx, i'd assume it's a chinese bodykit 180. Regardless, nice steering wheel!
  12. JDM cruises

    There's always someone that stacks it. Generally happens at these events.
  13. Turbo = legal now?

    Does this mean JZX100's are allowed, ?