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  1. My GT-R BCNR33

    very possibly. i met a few people that day. cheers for the kind words
  2. intercooler installation

    i live out that way, ill also be willing to lend a hand
  3. So the guy who rolled it...

    we were followin you for a bit. that or it was the black eb. till we both missed the turn for corkscrew lol. the black clubby "my e2 r8" is my mates car and with this roll over and other crap. another reason the GT-R stays in the shed
  4. My GT-R BCNR33

    was a good thing i entered that dyno day. revealed a few issues with the set up. ie a f**k off manifold leak, blocked filters and the fact the previous owner had the thing set on low boost in the PFC lol
  5. My GT-R BCNR33

    had an orange car once, didnt like it
  6. My GT-R BCNR33

    either you love them or you hate them. not even i was a fan of them at first good luck finding another set to anyone that tries
  7. My GT-R BCNR33

    Here are a few pics of my GT-R. (the other thread was my first GT-R. this being my second.) Car makes 400kw 1050nm on 98PULP. Engine is a 2.8L stroker with step 2 cams. Turbos are GTRS HKS items Alcon brakes all round Mahdi ceaser TS-5 19x10 +21 fuel system big stereo. and heaps of stuff i havent listed.. ill be here too long. feel free to ask any questions
  8. my 95 r33 gtr vspec

    car made 230awkw at willall racing.
  9. After brake upgrade kit for R33gtr

    i got BIG alcons on mine. 6 pot fronts 4 pot rears. unsure exactly what size they are, altho a 18" GTR wheel is hardpressed to fit over it they pull up great. you wont be disappointed
  10. my 95 r33 gtr vspec

    Colour: Silver Modle: 33 VSpec Mods. Apexi PowerFC w/ hand controller Apexi Power intake Greddy Air diffuser plate Exhaust Clear Cam cover Tien super street HA coilovers JJR rear camber arms Lenso D1 wheels 18x9 HDI boost gauge Pioneer headunit kenwood splits (front) MTX parcel shelf speakers US Audio sub and amp RBJETT plates Pics: (from the caryard)
  11. hi im new

    thanks, i was on the dawn cruise to mannum, ill go check out the sa section now
  12. hi im new

    hey guys, names steve and i drive a 33gtr found the url to the site on a flyer from the hard tuned dawn cruise to mannum. im an apprentice motor mechanic so if you need any home serving jobs done and live in SA feel free to ask thats pretty much everything.