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  1. 1993 Nissan 180sx - $11,000

    Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 165000 Price : $11,000 Condition : Used [VIC] UNIQUE Sil80 with lots of fruit! Hey all, I'ts finally time to look to the future and the idea of having my own family. So regrettably I am selling my pride and joy. For sale: (VIC) 1993 Nissan Sil80 Price and price conditions: $11,000 or swaps for a Stagea - RS4S (preferred), Chaser, Toyota Crown (sedan or wagon). Or similar 4dr turbo. manual preferred but let me know what you have. Condition: Used Pictures: If you want more, PM me Contact Details: Best via mobile 0408352784 (sms) Location: Hamilton Vic. but can drive to melb Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Pickup or can help drive to melb with deposit. EXTERIOR (S13) sil80 front end conversion GP Sports Bodykit J style Brick headlights w/ 2UP clear covers and HID hi-low/low Clear corner indicators NISMO S13 grille full closed-door respray in direct gloss white. Viva Garage 3 piece bootlip MEGA RARE (1 of 3 sets globally) quarter window vents deleted rear wiper & third taillight INTERIOR stripped rear interior Bride Stradia Low Maxx CARBON fiber Backed Recliners CARBON fiber radio surround type-x floor mats Calibre volt, oil pressure, water temp & boost gauges Custom (dash A/C vent) gauge holder Jensen DVD flip out screen CARBON fiber vented bonnet. hard to find these days. ENGINE SR20det garrett 2871r turbo, braided line stainless extractors (heatshielded) 3" turbo back (straight through) exhaust with X-Force Varax cannon walbro 255lt fuel pump malpassi fuel regulator and guage z32 afm, GFB boot tee & Nistune remap for 16psi - 210rwkw Greddy FMIC. Sard R2D2 BOV Custom Carbon Airbox Lid DRIVELINE / SUSPENSION BC-BR Reverse Coilovers & camber tops front and rear cusco strut braces GKTECH 25mm bolt-on spacers (fronts) BBS Wheels - RG-R 17x7.5" (f) 17x8.5" ( Z32 300zx Gearbox conversion with Exedy sports tuff cushion button clutch Nismo 2-way diff (4.11) R33 rear 5 stud upgrade, S14 front 5 stud upgrade. Wanted to swap my Sil80 with much fruit for a Stagea - RS Four (preferred), Chaser, Toyota Crown (sedan or wagon). Or similar 4dr turbo. manual preferred but let me know what you have. No tire kickers or test pilots. GENUINE BUYERS ONLY!!!
  2. -eunos-'s 180sx to sil80

    my new CF bonnet, just need to adjust the fitment.
  3. -eunos-'s 180sx to sil80

    Just some pics of the 'Run the wall' Calder event last weekend that I took... enjoy.: And some of my baby
  4. -eunos-'s 180sx to sil80

    afternoon bros, got my nitro car going last night. after a new motor, all new servos and trasmitter/reciever. had to modify the clutch setup on the output shaft cos it was different to the old one. the new shaft didn't have grooves fro snap rings and it was about 2mm shorter. after drilling a taper on the flywheel and shortening the retaining coller i managed to make it work, but i rushed it and didn't use thread locker. and forgot that those little bangers run at like 12,000rpm, which in turn loostened the retaining coller, pushing it into the clutch bell bearing and popping 7 out of 10 neegle rollers, which made it vibrate off center stripping the teeth off the main drive gear... ho hummmm. so ive ordered a new needle roller and two main gears, and this time ill either thread lock or araldite the retaining coller on. how was your ANZAC day boys?
  5. -eunos-'s 180sx to sil80

    so alot has happened in the past few weeks. Wednesday before easter I was pulled over by HWP and told i was too low, and after questioning my wheels choice told me he didnt believe my wheels were up to spec for the car. told me he wasnt a mechanic and didnt know if my wheels were suitable. so he ticked the box for a FULL ROADWORTHY and handed me a minor defect. I was mortified!, i knew my car was nowhere near roadworthy condition! and living 'out in the sticks' my life instantly became very hard.! Because of the huuuge amount of work I knew I had to undertake in such a short period of time, i asked the boss for a few days off to complete the major work before the inspection. new day, pulled out the bride seats, and cage, and replaced all the factory plastics, and interior, replaced the front mount with the stock side mount, removed my HIDS, repaired a heap of things and jacked it up. with the start of easter only a day away, i knew I needed to get the initial inspection done ASAP! as I only have one car now i couldn't afford to have my 180 off the road to get things done (as I only have 7 days to complete the repairs before i can no longer drive the car on the road). so i rang around the 3 places locally that i knew that did roadworthys to try to slot me in on the thursday. to my great disappointment everywhere was booked solid! so i started calling businesses further south, Dunkeld, Mailors Flat and finally Warrnambool. called 12 businesses all telling me they were booked solid! finally on the last place to call they luckily had a spot for me! so i booked in. they stung me on: new windscreen, washers didn't work, inner guard liners, reverse lights didn't work, steering boot, indicators too fast, no parker lights, bodykit loose, intercooler loose, holes cut in battery tray, holes in floor pan for cage, headlight cover loose, still too low and a few other things. they one thing i knew that was going to really f**k me is the windscreen, as being out in the middle of nowhere i knew it was going to take at least a week for a windscreen to be ordered. so i jumped in my car with the missus and drove to melb. picked up a washer bottle and pumps, guard liners, steering boot, and got a windscreen fitted (On the Saturday!!! thanks to FB group driftsales for getting me onto the guy!) so the nex few days i frantically did all the repaires myself with a little help from a mate or two and the missus. Wednesday swung around quickly and went to get the secondary inspection done. cleared with flying colours.!!! So all up that week cost me around $750 to clear a defect, which i spose isn't too bad compared to what it could have been!?
  6. -eunos-'s 180sx to sil80

    found out that its quite possibly the injectors on the way out. anyone have a set of 500+cc injectors for an SR for sale for cheap.?
  7. -eunos-'s 180sx to sil80

    So, my mate recons i have f**ked either a bore or my rings in the rear cylinder on my car. starts cold fine, drive it for two minutes and it starts to misfire on the rear cylinder fairly bad. 1. I checked the coilpack (swapped it for one i had spare) no change 2. pulled the 1st and 4th plugs and swapped them. (looked pretty shabby, tho swapping them didnt help. ordering new ones today) No change 3. pulled my 4th injector and plugged it back in. No change im out of ideas gentleman. please help me... as i dont wanna really change rings at the minute... :-(
  8. -eunos-'s 180sx to sil80

    you will need to splice into the thick brown wire on the main 180sx headlight (large) plug to run the activator wire for HIDs (which I HIGHLY recommend) HIDS are easy to assemble, dont need to do major wiring into your old lights and they improve the shitty light output of the J's lights. otherwise yes they will plug straight into H4 globes. make sure you zip-tie the unused motor plugs etc out of the way as they will fall down and will be destroyed under your tyres.
  9. following this build very closely! keep up the awesome work!
  10. -eunos-'s 180sx to sil80

    hey antonio!!! cheers man!!!! ;-) they took a while but was sooooooooo stokked to get them in the end!
  11. -eunos-'s 180sx to sil80

    anyone going to the silvia owners day on the 1st of March...? hope to see you there
  12. -eunos-'s 180sx to sil80

    Well well well, after a long stint off the forum alot has changed... I tried to document most of it... After having tidied her up again I wanted to start the sil80 build thread. with the 2up clear covers coming in the mail there wasn't anything really stopping me except the shitty weather. thought Id give my racks a little JDMST love... I have a few sets for sale that come with these stickers. So I started priming the conversion panels on a hot weekend, a bit of 2pac love After a long arvo of painting... a breakdown of each step for a sil80 conversion...: Bumper off and bonnet Skirts and guards headlights and 180sx rad supports out out s13 headlights in guards on bonnet, grille, bar temp fitted untill australia day weekend for painting... so after driving it for a few weeks like this, i got defected for too low... the copper couldnt even put his shoe under the front lip... so after an awkward discussion about how the hell do i drive it on 'our' roads he let me off on a minor... the following weekend i jacked up the BC-Br's as high as they would go to prove a point. 17cms of clearance under the front lip. Baby Jesus cried that day... so the following week my headlight covers came in so i got started on swapping them out... after i incinerated a brand new heatgun and borrowed my neighbors i finally removed the glass covers. only to find that the chrome on one of the J's reflectors had serious corrosion... I wasn't going to be able to afford or even find one to butcher up just for a reflector, so i sent it away to get re-chromed... my car was off the road for 3 bloody weeks as they dicked around with the reflector... which in the end was less then satisfactory. oh well... test fitting the covers So Australia day weekend finally came around... Saturday was shitty cold weather, not ideal for painting so instead i put my chips on the sunday to deliver some neede heat and sunshine. my collection of panels from my 180 front and nismo skirts i scored... finally laying paint. after partial setting, i needed the shed to spray more stuff, so i hung it out in the warm breeze. paint going down like glass on the front guards. was more then happy considering this was the first time I had sprayed large panels on my own without a mentor... bonnet sanded.. test fit that night... paint wasn't fully cured but was hard enough to get an idea. DONE! as i hung the bonnet up to spray... it went on a little dry. Will rectiufy that soon. still need to paint the boot and im deleting the front indicators and uising the side one foward facing instead some photos me and a mate took on a cruise. hope you enjoyed...
  13. Make and model: 1993 Nissan 180sx Sr20det Size of engine: 2lt Modifications to the car: Z32 AFM, stock highflowed injectors (I believe), FMIC, fuel reg, walbro 255, stock bottom end replaced with new oem. Type of turbo: Garrett 2871r Trim of turbo: dunno Rear Exhaust housing: no idea When does vehicle begin boost: 3800rpm When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI: ~4100rpm Does the vehicle have Cams? no Max power achieve at what boost: 210rwkw on 16psi but thats an old figure.. I think the old girl is getting tired, would like a less laggier turbo but with the same amount of power.
  14. UN533N's S13

    how do you find the fitment of the KMAK aero bar...?