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  1. Townsville Members

    thanks for replying guys and i herd dynolink was the best in townsvile. i will be running an apexi power fc and it will be a full tune hasn't been tune since i imported it from Tokyo
  2. Townsville Members

    Just moved up here for mackay, ill be rolling around in my 32 gtr just wondering where is the best place to get my car tuned here in townsville and ruff price for a tune??. i would put a pic of it up but dont know how to :@
  3. Breaks

    Do some hard braking it should get rid of the noise if its auto people tend to ride the brakes and it glazes the pads.
  4. Forza Motorsport 4

    I find it better without clutch, 2.0 neg camber on the front 1.5 or 2.0 teo out on the front. Thats what i've got and it works for me
  5. Hitman

    Very cool i wish there was some way to get my hands on it now, so keen !
  6. Hitman

    Can't wait for Hitman Absolution sometime next year any one know the exact date it comes out ?
  7. Battlefield 3

    one of 6 games i've preorderd can wait it's gona be so much better then CoD