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Found 389 results

  1. The one where the half shafts spin opposite directions like an open diff. If you have one for sale in Vic (so I can checkout + pickup) let me know. Cheers.
  2. Hey guys I am looking for a 3 inch turbo back exhaust system for my s15, with or without the cat. South Australia
  3. Hey there, One of my rear wheel studs snapped. So I know that the wheel studs for an S15 are M12x1.25 14.3mm knurl fronts and M12x1.25 13mm knurl rear. I'm just having trouble finding them to buy online or in store. Gktech are on back order until end of the year. Either standard or extended incase I decided to run 5-10mm spacers on the front for my new wheels. 50mm in length will be about right.... Cheers!
  4. !WTB! S15 Dmax Boot Wing

    Hey all! On the hunt for a Dmax boot wang for my S15, If you or anyone you know is selling let me know on here please. If you know some businesses selling them let me know too. Looked on RHDJapan but it's $225 for shipping when the wing is only $190, so I'm looking elsewhere. Cheers!
  5. Ok so, im converting my s15 from AUTO to 5 speed Manual.. I havent started the conversion yet but i really dont wish to run into any problems during the process (quick and painless) I have these parts lines up or purchased S14 5 speed gearbox Clutch & Flywheel (organising) Spigot Bearing Driveshaft (buying both s15 manual and s14 manual) Clutch and brake pedals Clutch Master and Slave Cylinders Clutch line and diff (abs to read speed) Now im just wondering if there is anything to watch out for, i have already been told as i was buying the 14 tail shaft thinking it would fit in.. Much to my disappointment apparently ill need half of an s15 shaft and half of an s14 shaft to fit.. And ill need an abs diff to read the speed accurately.. this reallly is just me hoping someone has done the same process before so i can learn from their mistakes? Thanks in advance p.s. rushed the post so excuse the bad punctuation
  6. Hey guys, So I recently went checked out a s15. Everything is perfect about it but the only thing stopping me from buying it is that it used to be a auto and is now a manuel. i want a manuel but don't know if the auto s15 had a different engine or lower power. Should I skip this one and keep looking for an original manuel?
  7. Hi all - I have a steering wheel from my freshly imported silvia and a unknown boss kit for a S15 - details are as below: http://www.momousa.c...heels/race.html Item: Genuine Momo Steering Wheel + S15 Boss Kit Steering Wheel Dark Grey / Black Colour Serial Number: KBA 70116 Horn button included (as shown in pics) S15 Boss Kit Dark Grey/ Black Colour No marks or scratchs Condition: As above Price: $150 Location: South East Melbourne Willing to post?: Yes; at buyers expense Contact: 0450074423 Cheers
  8. Wtb cheapest, repairable s15

    Hey guys, im after my first Nissan s15. A bit of a dream car and my perfect next project. I am planning on a conversion so the cheaper the better. Please message me with any available cars or tips
  9. Hey guys, I've dug through some old threads but still trying to find a few questions left unanswered: - Does the 8cm version have any backpressure issues above 250rwkw? E.g. what backpressure/boost ratio is commonly found at 20psi+, is it less than 1.5:1? - Is the ramp rate of the 8cm version a lot more savage than the 10cm version? Which one would be faster off the mark? - In track conditions, does the 8cm version hold its own or does it get choked up top/end up with heat issues from being at high rpm.... - In terms of throttle response (e.g. driveability), which version is easier to drive? I drive my car mainly through the mountains and im starting to get regularly involved in track days, so I'm wondering which would be a better match for the car. Everyone seems to be telling me the 8cm coupled with HKS 256 cams is a match made in heaven for the S15, and the 10cm version will be a bit too laggy for a spirited street/track car... If i ended up porting the motor etc, would the 8cm still be a good match? Thanks in advance.
  10. WTB> Black S15 Rear Seats, Brisbane/Qld

    Waiting to buy Black S15 Rear seats, Located in Brisbane cbd. Willing to travel and pick up. Better condition the better Negotiable on price. Email me on chris_chow-nage@hotmail.com Or text me 0434 2818 74 Thanks
  11. FOR SALE Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump with Conversion Kit Product No: GSS342 Condition: New in Packaging - Never Used. Fitment is Universal so it can suit ANY Car.... N⁄A, Turbo or Supercharged under 500hp. Reason for selling: sold my car before doing the upgrade. PRICE: $120 Located: Western Sydney. Pick Up or Happy to Post @ Buyers Expense! Contact: 0421 503 two50 If you're unsure the pump will suit your car, please Message or Call the above number to clarify. Extra Information from Walbro The Walbro GSS342 high output In-Tank electric fuel pumps is one of the most popular aftermarket fuel pumps on the market today. Available in flow ratings of 255 liters of fuel per hour, these particular pumps flow significantly more fuel at higher pressure. For example, at 80 PSI the standard 255 lph pump will flow around 132 liters (35 gallons) per hour. At that same 80 PSI the equivalent HP (high pressure) fuel pump will flow over 210 liters (50 gallons) per hour. Walbro in-tank electric fuel pumps utilize a proven gerotor design. The outside dimensions, however, are compact enough to fit existing hanger assemblies, without modifications.
  12. First time Silvia buyer here.... I wanna purchase this 99nissan Silvia s15 spec s, pretty much stock. It does not have a turbo, can I just buy one and install it or do I have to change a bunch of other things if I do put a turbo in it??? Roughly how much is it to swap an engine??? Pls help
  13. FS: S15 JDM Rear Tail lights

    Taillights for s15 JDM original s15 rear tail lights, housing only, no plugs I can get more photos on request, condition is used. Will post, need your post code and suburb for quote, Perth WA price: $180ono Dave 0404 324 623
  14. FS: S15 JDM Cluster 180km

    item: JDM Dash cluster from S15 manual Description:I cant remember the year, but has roughly around 125,000km on clock the last time i checked, has been sitting in storage since, prob about 1 year or 2. used condition, scratches on lens, check photos. Price: 120 Location: Perth WA Willing to post?: Will post , will use courier , just need your post code for quote on costs. Contact: Dave 0404324623
  15. Hey guys, I'm looking for a stock standard S15 turbo with actuator/wastegate ASAP. Cash waiting.
  16. Hey so im currently chasing up used BC coilovers BR type RA series. A shop says they have used BC coilovers for the S15, they dont know exactly what it is and all they could tell me is that its black and light gold, the colours of the BR type coilovers. But what i want to know is are they the RA series one? The shop owner himself can't really ID anything else of it besides its colours. For all i know it could be something else other than the RA one, which is not what im after. Im going in to see them in person, but i myself dont know how to ID them. Ive used reference images from JustJap but it doesnt reveal too much of uniquely identifying the RA series model. Would anyone here know if coilovers have a unique model ID i can look at to see if its the one im after?
  17. Want to buy a Nissan 200sx S15. - My location is in Sydney's West NSW. - Could possibly travel. But not some where extremely far. - Budget is around 12.5k-14k. - Low Kms around 120kms - 140000kms Needs to be P plate legal. Minor things like exhaust and intercooler I don't mind. But nothing over the top. Show us what you got!
  18. recently have sold my S14 Series 1 and now have no use for these parts. All parts are for S14/S15 only. There is a mix of S1/S2 parts depending on what they are obviously. Most parts have been in storage for a while and also have been through a move of house, so may need a good clean before use. 1/ S1 Apexi Power FC ECU with hand controller. Base map I'm pretty sure, Used but not in my ownership. No I will not sell the hand controller separately. Please don't ask. - $700 2/ S1 Tinted rear taillights complete - $60 3/ S1 Eyelids (Need minor work) - $30 4/ S1 Crystal Parker Lights - $50 5/ S1 Crystal front indicators - $50 6/ S1/S2 Crystal Side indicators - $25 7/ S2 Taillights in good condition. - $220 8/ Replica Supermade Rear Wing. Has been plasti-dipped and will need re doing after being shuffled around. Still in good condition. - $220 9/ Standard Cat Back Exhaust. Cleared EPA fine. Cat not included. - $200 10/ Standard Side Mount intercooler and piping. - $200 11/ Lowered Front springs and shocks. I'm pretty sure they are Lovells. About a 2.5" drop from memory. - $50 12/ Set HKS Supermax Coilovers Front and Rear. They do knock. They are dusty. May be good for parts or wet pan if you don't care for the extra noise. They are camber, height and damper adjustable. Rear dampers are shot from memory. - $200 13/ Rear Choppies - $$ Free with any purchase. 14/ Standard Toe and upper rear control arms - $50 15/ Standard S15 Air box. Fits S14, cleared EPA. Includes filter - $150 I do have a few other parts that need work like an aftermarket FMIC, a JDM S15 Steering Wheel with centre, Greddy turbo timer, S14 starter motor and some random hoses. But not much else. Prices are firm. May post smaller items. You're dreaming if you think I'll post an exhaust or suspension parts etc haha. Pickup is from Blacktown, 2148.
  19. Hi guys After a stock s15 bonnet and passenger front guard in good nick pref both in black and in Melbourne but will take any colour. $$$ waiting cheers
  20. Hey guys, I've got a 5speed s14 gearbox in my s15 which came with a short shifter when i got it. After doing a gearbox rebuild and getting a new clutch i also decided to get a stock s14 selector because i prefer the feel of the stock over the short, plus the short got abit bodgy down the track. Now the problem is the s14 stock gear selector now hits the console surround, mainly the bottom 2, 3 , and reverse gears. I've been driving the car without the surround and its fookin awesome, but i dont like the sounds and smell coming from the box. I looked around google and this forum to see if anyone has had the same problem. I found one post where some guy "sanded" parts of the surround which was what i had in mind, but i dont know exactly how to approach it as it is a chrome material. here's the post: http://www.silviawa....showtopic=24889 So if anyone here has been in the same problem, help me out !!! Here's a pic to give you an idea.
  21. I was thinking of getting some new suspension arms for my car I have started to do time attack again @ QR and have managed a 58.25 on the sprint track, with my only suspension mods being coilovers My car is a daily, although I don't drive it all that often as I live a 10 min push bike ride away from work I have heard that S15s have some sort of factory defect in the rear subframe which causes misalignment and would like to correct it. I would also like to have greater control of how much camber I can run on the car. From what I have read, spherical bearing which I believe some people call rose joints have less play than rubber ones. This means that under load there is less/no play compared to rubber units, which means that the alignment that was dialed into the car will be very much the same when under stress ie cornering etc. The negatives of spherical bearings are noise/harshness and a shorter lifespan. I'm also not 100% sure if they are legal in QLD. I guess it all depends on who pulls you over, but for the most part I am trying to keep my car as legal as possible. Now the hardened rubber option is going to have more play under load/stress because they are made of rubber. However compared to the stock units on my car that have been there since 2001 they are going to be a shitload stiffer. I would also prefer less noise, I just had alloy sub frame collars fitted and am only just tolerating the extra feedback/noises that have come about after they were installed. I came across these kits from hardrace which seem reasonably priced and for the most part seem a lot more reputable than your typical china racing ebay crap. http://www.hard-race...&product_id=862 - Rubber http://www.hard-race...&product_id=861 - Spherical Any thoughts, ideas, opinions on one style vs the other?
  22. just wondering what kind of power people are making and with what mods, boost and where it was tuned, ill start it of s15 blacktop sr20det - pump 98 k&n pod z32 afm with tomei plug 3' steel intake dose pipe t28 bush blitz FMIC nismo 740cc red injectors/ standard rail sard rising rate FPR bosch 040 intank with relay GFB adjustable BOV Split fires 3' turbo back, high flow cat, xforce twin tip muffler - not blast pipes turbosmart 14psi actuator exedy HD cluch nistune type 4 board tuned by kustomize performance on 18psi at 219kw atw, was leaning out top end and over fuelled low (due to there dodgy old 02 sensor) retuned with new sensor at 18psi at 192 atw much better AFR's and boost response + hold
  23. S15 Parts

    For Sale S15 ADM Parts (Updated) 4 x S15 GT rims with brand new tread SOLD 4 x S15 Std fuel injectors (70,000kms) working $120 S15 AFM and plug (70,000kms) working $50 S15 plumb back (70,000kms) working $50 S15 Std fuel pump (70,000kms) working $40 S15 Std intake pipe (between air box and turbo flange) $60 S15 Cat and back complete exhaust (no rust/holes) SOLD *Negotiable prices with realistic offers* Call or Txt on 0402 167 084
  24. S15 parts

    For Sale S15 ADM Parts (Updated) 4 x S15 GT rims with brand new tread $500 4 x S15 Std fuel injectors (70,000kms) working $120 S15 AFM and plug (70,000kms) working $50 S15 plumb back (70,000kms) working $50 S15 Std fuel pump (70,000kms) working $40 S15 Std intake pipe (between air box and turbo flange) $60 S15 Cat and back complete exhaust (no rust/holes) $150 *Negotiable prices with realistic offers* Call or Txt on 0402 167 084
  25. Hi Fellas As title states, I'm looking for an s15 spec R wing in reasonable condition and a complete set of OEM s15 side skirts. Any condition is fine as long as they are repairable. Ready to pick up this week. I'm located in the Western Suburbs VIC. PM me your offers.