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Found 6 results

  1. Hi people, seems I only come here to look at peoples stuff cooler than mine and to ask for advice about how to fix my dodgy bastard haha Anyway, my Silvia has been making a weird noise on spool up for a little while now. It makes a large whoosh noise, very different to the turbo whistle it used to have. My theory so far is a bent fin? Can anyone give me some help or advice to look for something. It is still making full boost with no leaks or bleeds on boost. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi all, havent been here in a while but i thought my car had been running fine until i found this hahah Around the mounting plate in the top of the fuel tank fro the pump cradle, a fair amount of fuel has started to leak out. Now it looks like its pressure flow which is confusing as I was told the tank should be a non-pressurized system. I was told my carbon canister might be missing a vac line or my breather line might have a blockage. Two things then, 1. Is proper silicon gasket goo (petrol resistant) alright to use to re-seal the cradle? and 2. Would it be one of the two things mentioned above causing pressurization? And where is the carbon canister so I can easily check the vac lines??...I can see the breather line but it wraps the body tightly so I'm guessing it will be a bitch to check...unless it ends somewhere accessible Thanks so much as always for any reply!
  3. 1994 Nissan 180sx Redtop TURBO SR20det MANUAL $6500 ONO - URGENT SALE If it does not sell within a few weeks then I may part it out. 140xxxk's I bought this car from SA about 6 months ago and had it shipped here with plans to turn it into a street legal drift car. Since then priorities have changed due to all the government job cuts in Canberra I am forced to sell and put some money back into my pocket for now. The car has NO REGO and I do not have the funds to put rego on it. Mods done to car: Upgraded T28 garret turbo Frount Mount Intercooler Cold Air Intake 550 Injectors Bigger fuel pump Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 ECU ( worth over $1500) Tuned safely to 14psi to produce 200 RWKW Front and rear strut braces Tein adjustable coilovers 5 stud conversion on all 4 wheel Bigger front brakes on the front with new slotted rotors New deep dish blue steering wheel Blue Takami bucket seats on the orignal rails ( still all adjustable) 3 Inch exhaust from the turbo back Carbon fibre bonnet ( painted black by previous owner) Aftermarket CD player with ipod connectivity Aftermarket alarm / immobilser HD clutch 17 x9 rear Inch rims on rear, 17x8 rims on front with new tyers LSD diff Nismo clutch bracket Boost controller boost and coolent temp gauges ( cuurently off car) Turbosmart BOV Rego Status: The rear seats have been removed ( still have them) as I was going to register it as a 2 seater. When I took the car over the registration pits here in Canberra I got a list of work that needed to be done to get it registered which I have done which included. Remove all illegal window tint ( done) replace steering rack boot ( done) replace sway bar bushes ( done) install secondary saftey catch on bonnet (done) front indicators were flashing red ( fixed) Poor headlight beam intensity ( removed headlights and cleaned the inside, they are shining much brighter but have not been checked) Bad points about car: The drivers side door cannot be locked / opened with the key. Probably just an adjustment but I did not get round to this. Car still can be locked. Just have to go through the passenger side door and reach over untill its fixed. Clutch is still being worn in No interior rear tail light cover ( never came with car) few cracks in the paintwork her and there. Car needs minor steering wheel alignment due to installing the new sway bar bushes and steering rack boot As stated above the car was in the final stages of being ready for roadworthy so at the moment it has the boost controller and guages are removed I can either re-install these items or leave the car as is. Pefect for to turn into a drift car or finishes the final tounches and use it on the roads. Please, NO TIME WASTERS, NO PAYPAL as payment so I will not respond to those scams, No silly offers of "how much for cash" because thats what is used this day and age to purchase good Inspections encouraged before bidding. Thanks
  4. More troubleshooting, any help is very appreciated! I started noticing, even though it is very f*cking obvious, a steady misfire in my engine. It seems to happen after a while of driving, its fine while warming up and a period after being warm but it seems to get to a very shitty point. Spark plugs were changed today with correct gap, and the misfire persists. Fuel is being supplied by a walboro 044 pump, stock everything else apart from ECU which is a apexi power FC. I have a large suspicion that it may be a dodgy batch of fuel, its carried on for three tanks though but two refills seem to be the culprits. Would water in the fuel cause it to be this persistent? It seems the only time I use the forums is to solve problems, because that's only it really, just problem after problem for me hahaha Thankyou anyone for your responses.
  5. I posted a fair while ago about my s13 silvia leaning up around the 4500-5000rpm range. I took some advice and changed a few bits and pieces and am yet to no avail with finding the problem Fuel pump was upgraded (walboro 255), injectors were cleaned and checked, fuel pressure reg was cleaned, fuel lines replaced (soft lines). Yet to go digging into the ecu, as I need to buy software/plug/hand controller. Details for your pondering; Sr20det, 120xxxkms Stock turbo, running 10psi (boosted not by me) Apexi power fc (no hand controller) upgraded fuel pump. It was found that there was a fair bit of grime in the fuel tank when I did the pump, but when rails and injectors were checked, none of it had made it into the rail. Any help will be much appreciated everyone thanks for your time
  6. GT28RS AFR?

    I was reading on a other post that a gt28rs will damage your engine with out a tune cause of air fuel ratios My setup on my redtop 180 will be fmic,bov, full exhaust,manifold, gt28rs, apexi pod,profec a and HKS AFR my car has stock injectors and fuel pump Question is can I boost it to it's maximum potential safely because I have a HKS AFR?