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1992 S13 SR20DET 5spd - Lots of Mods

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Hello all, I'm a long time member here, but i have not posted anything for a very long time.


I have a 1992 S13 that i've owned for about 14-15 years. I'm the first person to own it in Australia, but unfortunately its been very un loved over the last 5 years.


A combination of personal issues, lack of funds, motivation.. you name it, seen this car go unused for a long time.


I really wish i had the money and time to devote to it now, but i simply don't have the money and i've lost my interest in cars.


The car has been kept under a veranda, but the afternoon sun has managed to do its nasty on the dash and the paint. The roof is probably the worst affected, with the clear coming off in quite a few places, but for someone with the time and skill, it wouldn't be too hard to fix. The dash just needs a mat to cover it up.


I'll try to list everything that's been done to the car and what's included. Its been a very long time since i played with it though, so i might forget a few things. I'll update the post later if i think of anything.


Engine & Gearbox:


Stock, very nice low km's SR20DET fitted. Genuine 90,000 km's.

Mines computer.

EXeddy 500hp button clutch.

Short shift kit.

Blitz blow off valve.

ARC Aluminum Airbox.

Large Hybrid intercooler kit.

Fuel pump upgraded to RB20 Turbo spec pump.

Modified 3" Apexi exhaust system.

Cat is a high performance Tanabe Cat.


I have another very large Jun style muffler that i had planned to fit. Its a huge canon with a trumpet tip. I never got around to fitting it, so it comes with both.


Suspension, Brakes & Wheels:


5 bolt hubs.

R32 4-Piston Calipers on front, with DBA slotted rotors.

R33 2-piston calipers on rear.

(Whole R33 kframewas fitted)

Front and rear calipers reconditioned with new kits and painted gold and red like R34 Brembos.

Larger master cylinder fitted.

Adjustable rear upper arms.

Adjustable caster arms.

Heavy Duty adjustable tie rods.

Front Camber adjustment plates.

Front and Rear Strut Braces

Tanabe Sustec Pro Coilovers. Very low and very hard, but the handling is worth it. Its like a go kart!

Car is currently fitted with standard stuts.

R32 GTS-T wheels, powdercoated gunmetal grey (x4). Two of these are on the front.

R32 GT-R wheels (x2) on back, these are powdercoated the same color.

Spare front pads included.




Blitz BL Black Light Oil Pressure Gauge

Blitz BL Black Light Water Temp Gauge, both mounted in an A-pillar pod.

Blitz digital Boost Gauge + Turbo Timer

Digital LCD Climate Control (nice bonus from the front cut)

Addzest Max2255 double din head unit. Nice classic japanese unit.

Recaro recliner passenger seat.

Recaro Fixed bucket for Driver. (not fitted, need to modify rails)

Toms Racing Harnesses for driver.

Comes with standard seats too.

Original plush Nissan silvia floor mats as well, which is nice.




Carbon fiber motorbike style mirrors.

GT-R style vented grille.


Nissan factory side skirts and front lip extension. I have no way of verifying, but the man i bought the car off told me they came off a genuine Nissan Factory Sileighty!! Pretty darn cool if its true. He didn't seem like the type to make it up. Front lip has seen much better days.


Fiberglass copy of a Vertex front bar. This is not fitted or painted.


Body is very straight with just a couple of very small dimples here and there. There are a few scuff marks on the boot lid where a duck-tail spoiler was fitted. There is no rust patches on the car. Only the odd stone chip that's got a bit of light surface rust on it. A good clean anda cut and polish will do wonders for the finish, but a respray will be needed to really bring her back to life. The colour is midnight blue with a light purple pearl through it in the right light.


I'm sorry for the cheeky "just washed" photos. I was going to shammy it off to show the paint issues better, but it started raining before i finished taking the photos anyway. I'll take some more when its dry to show the problem areas.


I'll provide the car with a REVS check to prove the car has no Encumbrance (finance), no stolen records and no written off records. Also a Vic Roads check that proves no outstanding defects, warrants or fines.


The car is very much driveable, but not right now. The back right tyre is knackered and shitty stripped lock nuts from all the wheels were removed, so its missing a nut on each wheel. The seats need to be bolted back in, and a very compact battery is needed, as the new intercooler pipes leave no room for a regular small battery.


She starts no problem and runs beautiful, and would not take a motivated person with a little bit of time and cash to get it back on the road.




Car is located in Bendigo Victoria.


Please PM me for more info or contact details.





























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Must put a price man. realistic offers to ns is usually as cheap as possible hahah . List what you want for it.



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Hey mate I need your number so I can come check the cat out Cheers

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