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Hi as per title i have a complete sr20vet from xtrail with wiring and all stuffs and i am collecting knowledge before opening and  starting my work.

:I am changing the cams to n1 cams, 

:changing ro cosworth head gasket 

:putting rocker arms both sides. So it turns to sr20ve p12.( If any thing else needed for being p12 do let me know)

:I am deleting cas. Because going on link ecu. Applying Hall sensor kit.

:Manifold (exaust) will be changed (hypertune)

:intake manifold complete  sr20det story

Questions :

But I want to ask some additional things 

What other parts i need.

Do i need these parts

oil pump and oil strainer

Oil block Oil Block v2 "SR20"

Do i need to mill the crank pulley


And what other thing i need for the conversion 



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