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Check my calculations, and a little advice?

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Some of you probly remember me having a bit of a whinge in here and blah blah blah.


Well ive had some extra motivation lately but ive been back at gym for a few months now and starting to get serious, well not olympic serious but you know.


Mostly doing cardio and some light light weights to build a shoulder injury back up before i start back in my k-box and mma classes.


looking to fight early in the new year (mma) and im currently sitting around the 96kg mark i think, was 104 at one stage there. (im 6,2)


btu i want to be around the flat 90 mark so i can fight at 86-87. idealy id like to fight at 83 but i dont think i have the disipline to drop to that size consistently.


atm my cardio is 20k on the bike, 5k on the rower and i run about 2km to and from the gym twice a day (before and after work)


im doing 5 differant shoulder exercise's with light weights about 3x10 reps


and doing some basic leg press stuff. Most of my workout is usually my kickboxing classes and mma classes.


so i train 3 times a week before work and 4 times a week after work, plus an extra session that is a light cycle followed by a few rounds of sparring.


i worked out my total callors bmi thingo to be 3610 and the site recomends dropping between 500-1000 off that for some weigth loss so i was thinking about 3000?


my current meals are like this


Nutri grain for breakfast, sometimes toast.


lunch is usually left overs. mostly things like savory mince, ravioli, pasta and chicken etc.


dinner is the same.


try and have a salad a few times a week when i can afford to not eat left overs.


smash a musahi protein drink before my 4 bigger sessions a week, and drink about 4L of water a day.



can i get some pointers and direction please guys?

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Eat about 5 times a day. Make 3 of those MEALS ie: Breakfast/lunch/dinner. Have a protein shake, or a light snack in between meals .. ie: sushi or salad. This'll keep your metabolism working at it's usual rate.

But make sure you decrease the portion size of your main meals so that you are eating less calories overall. It's up to you how much you want to reduce it by. I'd say eat less than 2500 given what you've stated, but you might feel like you're starving yourself.


Just remember that everybody is different, and it'll take a few weeks for your body to adjust to eating a lesser amount of food and to start noticing the kilos drop. You may or may not notice a drop in strength aswell (as you are only doing light weights atm?)


You don't really need a calculator for it, unless you are intending on trying to shed a certain amount in a certain time.. in which case you should write up a specific diet, and stick to it every day.

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ok cheers thats a good start :)


yeah little weights to build some muscle back up from a shoulder injury

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